Amazing Art Exhibition!

Please take a moment to appreciate the incredible artistic talents showcased by our Grade 12 students.  From captivating paintings to intricate sculptures, these art pieces embody the dedication and passion these students have poured into their craft. We invite you to immerse yourself in their creativity and celebrate their artistic achievements. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the boundless talent of our graduating art class!

Happy B-DAY!

Happy birthday! I hope this is the beginning of your greatest, most wonderful year ever;

You will never be as young again as you are today, so have fun young lady 🙂

We wish you all the best.



February Break!

As we bid adieu to our Boarding French lessons for a brief respite, Let’s embrace the joys of February break with delight. May your days be filled with laughter, adventure, and fun.

Whether you’re exploring new places or simply taking it to calm at home, may this break bring you the happiness that you’ve come to know. So seize the moment, cherish each memory you make, and return refreshed and rejuvenated for our next period.

Bonnes vacances et profitez-en bien!

Poème :

Les mois de l’année

Janvier pour dire à l’année ” bonjour”.

Février pour dire à la neige ” il faut fondre”.

Mars pour dire à l’oiseau migrateur ” reviens”.

Avril pour dire à la fleur ” ouvre-toi “.

Mai pour dire ” ouvriers nos amis”.

Juin pour dire à la mer ” emporte-nous très loin “.

Juillet pour dire au soleil ” c’est ta saison “.

Août pour dire ” l’homme est heureux d’être homme “.

Septembre pour dire au blé ” change-toi en or “.

Octobre pour dire ” camarades, la liberté “.

Novembre pour dire aux arbres ” déshabillez-vous “.

Décembre pour dire à l’année ” adieu et bonne chance “.

Et douze mois de plus par an,

Mon fils,

Pour te dire que je t’aime.

Alain Bosquet


In Louis Degallier’s house this is our definition; “Among friends in school, internationalism means valuing diversity, respecting different cultures, and embracing diversity, regardless of nationality. It’s about learning from each other, sharing experiences, and working together to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels accepted and supported. ” 🙂

Ski Weekend

Just wanted to share the incredible weekend we had in the mountains. The weather was perfect, and the slopes were amazing for skiing and snowboarding.

We braved the windy but sunny weather to visit Glacier 3000. The panoramic views from the top were breathtaking, and the experience was absolutely amazing.

We spent an incredible day exploring Gstaad. The village is straight out of a postcard, with charming streets and a cozy ambiance. We wandered through the town, visited local attractions, and soaked in the luxury vibes.

The thrill of going down the slopes with the stunning mountain views in the background was absolutely unforgettable. The slopes were perfect, and the racing competition added an extra level of excitement.

The weekend in the mountains was absolutely incredible overall.