Louis Degallier experiences the Beauty of Leysin

This weekend, the boys from Louis Degallier travelled to the small mountain village of Leysin. The boys experienced, along with the rest of boarding, many challenging and exciting activities. The guys went mountain biking, Rock climbing, experienced via farrata, some of the guys learnt how to map read and took part in orienteering. Some took part in survival skills and mountain cookery class. This was a great experience for everyone involved and challenged everyone to do something they hadn’t done before. Well done everyone.


Ivan literally learning the ropes


No holding him back on the Rock face

Thiago took to the mountain bike to explore what was on offer around Leysin

A large group took on hill climbs, gravel roads and muddy descents, this ride had something for everyone……. even a race through a forrest loop,

Via Farrata pleased Ivan a lot.

It all about our #Wellbeing

As a new school year begins, Louis Degallier and the whole boarding community will be focusing on looking after ourselves and others around us . We will be spending an hour a week together concentrating on what it means to have a positive attitude towards our own wellbeing and the benefits it can bring us both academically, socially and personally. This will be a 5 pillar program carried out over the year, focusing on different areas of our lives………. The first pillar we building is Nurturing healthy bodies and minds.


In this busy work we live in with such focus on working hard and success we are all probably guilty of neglecting the impotence of sleep. This is especially true in teenagers, so this week we spoke about health benefits of sleep, and how much sleep the members of the house were getting.


Each member of the house downloaded the sleep cycle app. We will be tracking our sleepover the next week and we will meet next week to look at the sleep pattens of the teenage boys in the house, and one house parent

Yes please Chef!

Yohei has been a common figure in the kitchen in louis Degallier, and as the year quickly comes to and end, he is still cooling up a storm


Pork ribs, in a Soy sauce with vegetables. It did look, and smell delicious.

Apples and Pears!

Tuesday afternoon is Fruit collection day, The boys in Louis Degallier collect the fruit for all the boarding community. As you can see it is a large order, but the boys have it under control