Game day!

As Educators, for us it’s great to see our students taking part of sport competitions.

“Testing your skills”, “Getting out of the comfort zone” and “Challenging yourself” are a few out of many benefits that competitions can bring to our young students.

Today, Nyon Pirates (Zen’s team) got a well deserved victory at home.

Happy Halloween !!!!!

The guys in the house took part in the annual Pumpkin carving competition this week, Frankenstein was the muse for this years attempt…. and a very good job they did to.


Ivan making good with the Marker pen and stencil.


Arshia got the delightful job of clearing the inside of the pumpkin.

Monday of Fitness.

Louis Dégallier students had their Monday fitness session. Fifteen minutes of moderate running in the circuit of Concha Blanca followed by four exercises of three sets each to improve the strength of biceps, triceps, chest and abs.

Welcome back Mr Vlad!

Vlad made a surprise vist to the house this weekend, and he came bearing gifts. He brought the guys pizza and Chips and drinks, Thank you Vlad. Vlad is studying at EHL this year after graduating from CDL and it sounds lie he is having an amazing experience in Lausanne. He is working in a Michelin star restaurant, while also being part of the team that organises the catering for the university events. Vlad told me they cater for over 500 events per year. It was great to see you Vlad, please come see us again soon


Arshia had some friends round this weekend from Leman 2, they enjoyed playing pool and spending time together in the Louis Degallier boarding house #The Best Boarding House

Nutrition – How Sugar affects our brain and how do we know how much there is in our food.

This Monday we started the week with a couple of talks about how sugar affects our bodies. The students participated in the discussion and brought their knowledge into it.

To finalize the session the students were asked to suggest different kinds of snacks and drinks they want in the house but before they have to find out the nutritional info of the items they wanted to ask.

LDG Support!

Some of the best moments with the students are those when we (house parents) have the chance to witness our students supporting each other. Same way Arshia organized a meal and a birthday cake for Aitic and his friends last Friday; last evening Casper took the initiative to help Arshia with Bio-chemistry. And this is only one example of many, just this time I was able to capture it on camera. 😉