Recap Last Weekend Activities

Last Weekend our students took part in different activities.

Some of them involved delicious rewards.

Sviat took part on the tennis lessons.

So did Thiago on Saturday morning.

Vitor joined as well the training.

The Ukranian doubles was hard to beat.

In another activity Casper and his colleagues prepared a variety of pastry dishes.


Forest Walk

Last Monday the students of Louis Dégallier went to the forest for a walk as an initiative to keep the students connected with the beautiful surroundings of Versoix and engage them into daily exercise.

The Benefits of Sports – Well-being sessions.

Last evening we had a very interesting session with the students of our house. On an open discussion we talked about the regular habits of each of us focusing on exercise and sports. Happily surprise to see that most of our students agree that exercise should be a very important part of our routines. And also that most of us exercise 3-4 times a week.
Our students in general are also aware of the physical and psychological benefits of physical activity. There is certainly room to improve and soon and soon we will also get into nutrition habits.

Sports Day.

Last Sunday we celebrated the Sports Day at CDL Boarding

We teamed up with Megard and Concha Anexe

Tug of war was definitely the hardest challenge.

Basketball shot outs weren’t easy neither.

Concentration was key for all the activities.

… as well as speed! It was a warm Sunday full of exercise and competition.

TIME…….. How well do you manage yours???????

With the busy lives that we all lead, it is easy to pay little attention to the precious time we have, leading us to be consumed by the screen or phone forcing us to miss the world around us, instead of enjoying the most valuable and rewarding things our lives have to offer. This week the boys had the chance to break down their day and really look at how they spend their time.


The boys filled in a 24hr day, braking the day down into specific area like exercise, eating, studies, sleeping and screen time. This showed some interesting results and was a great source of conversation for the guys.

Louis Degallier experiences the Beauty of Leysin

This weekend, the boys from Louis Degallier travelled to the small mountain village of Leysin. The boys experienced, along with the rest of boarding, many challenging and exciting activities. The guys went mountain biking, Rock climbing, experienced via farrata, some of the guys learnt how to map read and took part in orienteering. Some took part in survival skills and mountain cookery class. This was a great experience for everyone involved and challenged everyone to do something they hadn’t done before. Well done everyone.


Ivan literally learning the ropes


No holding him back on the Rock face

Thiago took to the mountain bike to explore what was on offer around Leysin

A large group took on hill climbs, gravel roads and muddy descents, this ride had something for everyone……. even a race through a forrest loop,

Via Farrata pleased Ivan a lot.