Joy of Football, Flamengo Campeão!

Saturday Evening is synonym of football in Latin America! And this evening Thiago and I could witness how his team became champion of the Copa Libertadores (Champions League equivalent in south america)

Lots of nerves and tension watching the final with our lovely Brazilian student. We are so happy to share this moments with him. Bora Flamengo!

I come from…

On the last Well- Being Session, our students prepared a short presentation about the countries and cities they come from and they grew up in.

It was a very interesting and enriching experience for all the students and house parents.

They spoke not only about geography and sightseeing but about culture, leisure and gastronomy.

Many questions came up from the audience.

It was a very productive session where all of us learnt many new things about Russia, Ukraine, China, Hong Kong, Ireland, Brasil, Japan and Ecuador.

Game day!

As Educators, for us it’s great to see our students taking part of sport competitions.

“Testing your skills”, “Getting out of the comfort zone” and “Challenging yourself” are a few out of many benefits that competitions can bring to our young students.

Today, Nyon Pirates (Zen’s team) got a well deserved victory at home.

Happy Halloween !!!!!

The guys in the house took part in the annual Pumpkin carving competition this week, Frankenstein was the muse for this years attempt…. and a very good job they did to.


Ivan making good with the Marker pen and stencil.


Arshia got the delightful job of clearing the inside of the pumpkin.

Monday of Fitness.

Louis Dégallier students had their Monday fitness session. Fifteen minutes of moderate running in the circuit of Concha Blanca followed by four exercises of three sets each to improve the strength of biceps, triceps, chest and abs.