Aubergines with feta cheese

Once again, the team of chefs from the CDL’s dining hall has innovated, bringing us a dish full of flavour, this time mixing feta cheese with a vegetable, aubergine. This dish was a big success with our students, although they could also choose a meat option and of course our fabulous salad bar.


Chilean night in CDL

The international visit to the dinning hall comes from the Andean country of Chile.

From the far south of South America, they have brought us the best of their country, such as the empanadillas (savoury pastries), stuffed with prawns or vegetarian with cheese and olives.

And undoubtedly the best, the sweetest possible flavour, manjar, is obtained by cooking condensed milk, the translation of the name is delicacy, which gives us a clue to its flavour.

Piadina, from Italian Romagna to CDL

Piadina it is a flatbread made with wheat flour of Italian origin, typical of the Romagna provinces in the Emilia-Romagna region.

Today we enjoyed two different types, one with beef and tomato sauce and the other with mozzarella, tomato and pesto.

As a side dish we had vegetable skewers with hummus and hake parmentier.


Wonderful options in CDL

Our dining hall has once again surprised us with several options, so that we can choose the one we like best.

Among today’s options we had pork sausages in sauce, chicken with vegetables or scrambled eggs, tofu and cheese.

An excellent variety to keep everyone happy.

For dessert as well as fruit today we had a fabulous apple pie.


Sunday’s brunch

Last week we were enjoying an amazing and well-deserved holiday, but now, after a week back to the routine, our special weekend price was waiting for us, brunch!

We love that moment when we arrive in the dining hall, see our friends, and enjoy a variety of delicacies and a nice chat.

We love brunch!


Senegalese dinner at CDL

Tonight a great Senegalese chef has visited us from the west coast of the African continent. She invites us to discover a delicacy such as maffe, which is delicious and needs nothing more than beef cooked in peanut oil accompanied by white rice.

To drink, he offers us a fresh hibiscus tea, which is truly magnificent.

And for dessert, a tasty fruit salad.