Thursday dinner

On today’s menu were some amazing beef fajitas. These were topped off with a delicious home made guacamole. Perfect to energize before the last day of the week.

As always there was another option: tonight the students could also go for ravioli or pasta with a choice of sauces and vegetables. No one came out of the dining hall with an empty stomach as a lot of the students went for seconds.


Amazing salads as always


Culinary journey to Africa 🇹🇬

Today our chefs have taken us on a trip to Africa, hand in hand with our chef Egbessor we have gone to Togo, discovering new flavours and ingredients.

As main starters we could not miss the rice and the sweet potato, to accompany it we had the chicken yassa with a tasty sauce, the cassava and coconut galettes, playing with our senses, when we all expected a nice savoury dish it turned out to be a tasty sweet dish, and also the option to try the mackerel togolese style.

For dessert our famous coconut and pineapple sweets, Yummy! Yummy!


Which plate would you choose?

We had three lovely options tonight for dinner:

First off there was a delicious fillet of perch with pumpkin cream. This lovely dish was perfect to start of our fall. The pumpkin flavor immediately send leaves twirling down from the trees.

Those who prefer meat over fish, could enjoy a wok with minced duck and ginger. This dish was so popular that I couldn’t snap a picture in time before the plates were empty.

The vegetarians amongst the boarders really felt that they were in Switzerland tonight with a cheesy dish. There was Röesti topped off by the local cheese Tomme Vaudoise. A great way to get a taste of Switzerland.

The amazing dessert made every the sweet tooth happy.

Which dish would you have chosen tonight?


Green innovation, 10 points!

The day has come for all those who didn’t trust that a burger could be vegetarian. Our chefs have proved they are up to the challenge, they have made a veggie burger that was incredibly tasty, even the most carnivores enjoyed it.

In another gastronomic exhibition they prepared some roasted beetroots, most of us had never tried them before and we would definitely recommend them to you.

B R U N C H ! ! !

Get up on a quiet Sunday after a rainy night, go to the dining room and open the doors to find a wonderful free buffet.

A nice feeling, which our students were able to enjoy this morning, we would say that the “pain aux chocolat” (bread with chocolate) and the pancakes were the superstars of this morning, special mention also for the scrambled eggs with bacon and the great variety of fresh fruit.

“Pain aux chocolat” and croissants

Superstar pancakes

Several Swiss cheeses and some sweets

But our thanks again this week go to all the kitchen staff, thank you all very much!

Perfect combination

We all know that a touch of cheese goes great with pasta, but what if that cheese is a real Swiss cheese, absolutely amazing. Excellent combination of cheese and hot pasta, creating a very tasty fusion of flavors.

Not to mention the fish in batter with a hint of citrus, a good option too!

Never-missing side dishes, vegetables and Rösti-pizza.

Thai style

International dinner, today it’s the turn of coconut milk, red curry, rice, prawns, etc… that can only mean one thing, we are talking about Thailand.

Today the options were rice with: pork with red curry and pineapple, prawns with vegetables, chicken with coconut milk and tofu with vegetables.


The mussels are here!

Today we were finally able to eat the famous marinated mussels. It has been an experience that we hope to repeat soon.

We also had the option of pasta with cheese sauce, cauliflower medallion with cheese and our salad buffet which today also included hummus.

And remember, “mussels that don’t open are best not eaten.”


Burguer night

Tonight we enjoyed a special burger, it was a chicken burger with mushroom sauce, it was really good! On the side we had some wonderful vegetables and of course frites. There was also a choice of spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce.

We also show you an original salad from our buffet, where our imagination knows no bounds!

For dessert we had pancakes with fruit and jam.