B R U N C H ! ! !

Get up on a quiet Sunday after a rainy night, go to the dining room and open the doors to find a wonderful free buffet.

A nice feeling, which our students were able to enjoy this morning, we would say that the “pain aux chocolat” (bread with chocolate) and the pancakes were the superstars of this morning, special mention also for the scrambled eggs with bacon and the great variety of fresh fruit.

“Pain aux chocolat” and croissants

Superstar pancakes

Several Swiss cheeses and some sweets

But our thanks again this week go to all the kitchen staff, thank you all very much!

Perfect combination

We all know that a touch of cheese goes great with pasta, but what if that cheese is a real Swiss cheese, absolutely amazing. Excellent combination of cheese and hot pasta, creating a very tasty fusion of flavors.

Not to mention the fish in batter with a hint of citrus, a good option too!

Never-missing side dishes, vegetables and Rösti-pizza.