Rio de Janeiro

Hello my name is Mauro and today I will also introduce you to the wonderful city of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. Rio is located on the southeast coast of Brazil and it is the capital of the state of Rio de Janeiro. ┬áThe city is very famous for its beaches and attractions such as the “Cristo Redentor”, the “Pao de Acucar”, and the “Maracana”. The people there are very energetic and love to sing and dance especially during the Carnaval. We are now all very excited for the upcoming World Cup which will take place in Brazil, and I am really looking forward to watching the games in the Summer.Rio de Janeiro

Biking and nature walk

Today we took the bikes to the nature reserve. It was very quiet and relaxing. We saw a Coot (bird), Primroses (springtime flowers) and heard lots of frogs – it sounded like they were laughing at us! It was nice to do this and we are lucky we have a place like this so close to our school. I hope we go there again.
Biking Biking coot frog primroses

Double champions!

Last week we went to Le Rosey school to watch CdL play football in the finals of a tournament of international schools in our area. We were in both finals and we won both of them!!!

From our house Gio and Jia Hao were playing in the first match, we saw the second half. It was very exciting, it went to extra time and Karim from Leman scored in the last minute! The varsity game was also great to watch and ended up being successful for us – what an evening!

It was very cold standing at the side of the game but the energy from the players made it well worth going.


Here are some of the boys training earlier in the year.

A piece of cake!

Today we decided to make a cake and it proved to be very delicious. I was amazed by how many unhealthy ingredients were used, but I guess that is what makes the cake so tasty. Everyone helped doing certain tasks like breaking the chocolate, mixing the eggs and sugar… Next time we will try to make a healthier cake with yoghurt and some fruits and hopefully it will be delicious as well!

Summer swim time!

Today the weather was lovely, so we decided to relax a bit before the final exams and enjoy the swimming pool. It was really nice as there was a lot of people and a delicious barbecue made by Mr Usher. I am looking forward to swimming again and good luck to all my house mates with your exams!!!


Brazilian night

We just got back from Planeta Rodizio, a brazilian restaurant. We had such a great time, it was really nice to show all my housemates the cuisine of Brazil. I loved the food, especially the meat and it makes me really happy to know that my housemates enjoyed it too. I would like to thank Romolo for this great night, we are all so grateful to you!

Changing seasons

Today the first thing I heard in the morning was the sound of drops of rain hitting the trees. We are in the beginning of winter, so as you can see in the pictures the leaves are starting to fall from the trees. Fortunately in a couple of weeks it is going to snow, and I hope that Champ Des Bois will have a SNOWBALL FIGHT!