Hello I am Mircea and I come from Romania. I am here to tell you a bit about London.

My sister moved there 5 years ago and since that day London became my favourite city. I go there almost every holiday and sometimes at the weekends. London is the capital city of the United Kingdom and as you can expect, always when I arrive at Heathrow Airport, I already see the bright lights, the big building and the monuments. London is not only known for its bright lights, but it is also known for the beautiful important places such as Buckingham palace, the London Eye, Big Ben, etc. I always love to walk at night around London and admire the bright lights of the streets and everything around.

London is my favourite place in the world and you should visit it anytime. It will be unforgettable and you won’t regret it.


buckingham palace Night-London

Magic show

Today, Sunday 4th of May, we went to a magic show at a theatre near to our boarding house. We were very excited when we arrived there as we saw there were 50 people waiting to enter the room. After 10 minutes we entered the “Magic Room” and sat down on some comfortable chairs. The magician was very known all around the world, his name was Ben Hart. At one part of the show, he asked if anyone had a credit card, so I raised my hand. He called me on stage and made an impossible trick which made everyone clap and say “WOW”. My credit card  had disappeared then reappeared inside a playing card I had signed!!! It was a very good experience and I would like to learn his tricks also. Here is a picture of me enjoying myself on stage.


Christmas presents

As Christmas is coming we decorated our tree in our house – it is looking great! Decorating it together was fun.

The presents in the picture are for a charity that the school helps every year. They will go to under-privileged children in Europe. The school has collected around 300 boxes and a lot of them are from the boarding houses. It feels great to help other children in need.

I hope they will have a great Christmas!

…and you too!

Last supper!

We welcome  Mr Maluen, our new tutor and we are saying goodbye to Mr. Waters. We will miss him with his FIFA skills!

Today we went out for Pizza near our house, we enjoyed it and we hope we will be doing it again soon. Thank you Romolo for everything!

In the photo below we are near our X-Mas tree. We are looking forward to our amazingly good vacation! See you soon!

Football tournament

Hey there, today was a bad day for football but a fun day for us. Even if we didn’t win any games we had a lot of fun. Oh, I forgot to explain to you what were we playing. It was a football tournament just for boarders and if we would win we can earn some extra free time.