Football and Party!

Today my friends and I had a football tournament and straight after that we had a party to which we invited many CDL teachers. In the tournament our boarding house did well, in the first match we lost 2-1, but we were leading for nearly the whole game because of my goal in the early minutes of first half. However in the second half we failed miserably and conceded two simple goals. After the hard game against 12th graders we played against another team. We beat them 4-1! Nearly everybody scored a goal. First of all Jia Hao scored a goal after my pass, then Mircea dribbled and went passed by everybody and then he scored, the third goal was scored by me after a slick pass from Mircea. The last goal was scored by Egor from a penalty kick.

After the game we went to our boarding house were the party already had begun without us. When we arrived there were around 10 to 12 teachers. When we had arrived nearly all the cupcakes and cookies were finished. All the teachers loved our boarding house. They said it has a pretty view. We had a good time playing mini football and showing our teachers around our rooms. This was a great afternoon. Lots of laughs and joy!


Party3 Party2



Go-karting king!

On Sunday we went go-karting in France. I took the second place over all!!! The funny thing is I didn’t want to go but they had one free spot and I decided to give it a shot and I was second over all!!!!!! Although we had to wake up early on a Sunday morning, all of us loved it. We enjoyed the loud noise of karts and cheerful people driving and showing off their skills. But it here is a bad bit, I was trying to improve my time so much that I hit the pitwall – that hurt a bit but it was worth it!

Our garden

When the weather is nice outside my friends and I like to go outside and play football. Me and Mircea, Aslan, Jia Hao, Akhmad and Alibek play the game called docky on the middle, Alexey, Vladimir and Andrey play hockey. Sometimes Mauro and I play frisbee. We only play outside when the weather is good so its not been that often recently! Today was a fantastic afternoon though. In the picture you can see us all enjoying the sunny weather, we hope there is more to come!