Leon’s Training

Leon is definitely motivated to learn how to skate and to be a good skateboarder, so he is taking his physical training seriously. Bravo Leon we are very proud of your attitude and determination.

Sidewalk Surfers!

The boys love to skate but safety first, we only do skateboarding in a secure area off the streets. We are teaching them the basics and they show very good skills. So this was only the first session, however, there will be more…

1st Relaxation & Anti-stress Sessions

Being a child can be stressful! The Champs des Bois Team have prepared a few relaxation and anti-stress sessions to help them unwind. The first session was focused around Kevin and Ivor who both had a bad day full of emotions and anxiety. They enjoyed the first relaxation video before bed and it helped put their minds at ease, reflect on their behaviour, and understand emotions and concerns that they had been feeling. This first session was a success for them…their mood improved radically and they fell asleep pleasantly.We are very pleased to see the good effect it has had on them, so we can’t wait for the next session.  SWEET DREAMS BOYS!


Zhiyu Soccer Skills After Juventus Camp


Zhiyu came back from the Juventus Camp he went to during the October break even better that he already was.


His skills have improved and we are very proud of our little soccer player.

We will keep training him to keep up his work-rate and technique!

Welcome Back Boys!

After welcoming back our students   we were still missing one boy. Zhyiu arrived early this morning and look how excited his house-mates were to see him! It’s so great to have a full house again!

Woodcrafting Masters

Three of the boys have been enjoying and showing off their woodcrafting skills this Saturday. They started the lesson with some theory and safety rules which will help them plan and develop their own projects. They were also practicing different techniques of cutting wood with different tools.