ZOA’s African Afternoon

In early October, Collège du Léman’s ZOA group had an afternoon of fundraising for 5th graders.  Afterschool, the kids came to the art class rooms to meet the volunteers excited about the afternoon ahead of them, and then they started the activities. It was an African themed afternoon, but there were many different activities that the kids could choose from. We started off with every one making masks. If was great to see how when we gave the kids a mask and some paint, all the different things they came up with. Each child came out with a different idea of how to represent Zambia on a paper plate.

Other than mask making, there was also arts and crafts and face painting. In the face painting area, the kids were able to be painted whatever they liked, as long as it followed the theme. Some chose to be wild animals, while others were painted like tribesmen. When their faces were painted, they had a choice to join the arts and craft station or go back to mask making. If they choose to go to the arts and crafts table, on one side, they made noise makers. Out of two empty yogurt containers, they created noise makers. We put some pasta in them and glued it shut and let the kids decorate them and take their master pieces home to their families. On the other side, they were passing around feathers and glitter, creating animals out of old water bottles. With some paint, feathers and googly eyes, they could turn what is considered garbage, into an artsy peacock.

After they were done with the creative part of the afternoon, we spent the last part outside once the sun came out. Starting with relay races, and ending with a football game, we were able to send the kids home happy, tired, and knowing a little more about the outside world.

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