Middle School Monthly Assembly: How To Make (and keep) Friends!

This evening our beautiful garden has been the venue for the Middle School Monthly Assembly. The agenda for this special event was Friendship, a pretty important and delicate topic for our students. The idea was to ask them a set of questions and give them the chance to share their experiences and knowledge about what friendship is, what makes a good friend, what can bring friendship to an end etc. We were totally impressed with some thoughtful insights and some of our kids have certainly shown a great deal of maturity and self-awareness. A wonderful evening.

IG2 Field Trip!

“Today we welcomed IG2 in Chateau d’Oex. We started off with a workshop about team roles in which we introduced the concept of different team elements. The team roles where then implemented in a pyramid challenge where the whole group had to work together to construct a 15 meter high pyramid out of bamboo and rubber bands.

After enjoying a nice sunny lunch on the terrace of our charming Swiss Chalet, we walked down to the nearby lake for the next section, focusing on conflict management. After a short workshop and splitting in our advisory groups, each team had to build a raft out of barrels and wooden planks. Showing great leadership abilities, teamwork and teams being aware of the conflict roles, we eventually had a fleet of well-functioning rafts, ready to compete in a race around a buoy at the mountain lake.

After heading back to the chalet and filling up the batteries with a healthy dinner, we went out to the woods for bush crafting to build shelters from scratch. While the night fell over Chateau d’Oex, we also practised to make a fire in an efficient and safe manner. The hike back to the camp was led by trainers and teachers who lighted up the night sky with fire torches, which rounded off an intense day filled with learning through workshops and fun practise.


Tomorrow we are heading to the high-ropes park in Aigle where the students have a great opportunity to take their team working skills to an even higher level. Supporting team members while challenging their comfort zones plays a key role in a well-functioning team. We look forward to the good atmosphere and how the impressive teamwork this group has shown is going to express itself tomorrow!”

CDL Swiss Leadership Camp 2018!

Lake Geneva Clean Up!

Today 27 students from Collège du Léman participated in the annual “Lake Geneva Clean-up”. It is a great initiative attended by a large number of people of all ages. Our boys were present! ready to give their contribution to make the world a better place!