World Children’s Day 2023


A moment of immense pride for our Champs Des Bois Boarders unfolded when their painting was enlarged into a billboard proudly displayed at the entrance of CDL. The students found great joy in participating in this project on World Children’s Day. The concept revolved around a painting created by the students, symbolizing the essence of love and a warm embrace of inclusion for children worldwide. The underlying message of this artwork is to raise awareness and serve as a reminder that children’s rights must be honored, safeguarded, and fulfilled, regardless of their location in the world. Irrespective of diverse cultural backgrounds, every child deserves an equal opportunity to soar and carve their own unique path. This concept is represented by painting the children uniformly in grey, while using contrasting colors for the worlds and doors to depict the diverse possibilities and experiences children face globally, each with their own set of limitations and challenges.

“I would like to extend a huge thank you to Mr. Roger, the Senior House Parent from Leman, for selecting CDB for this project, and to  Ms Manuella, the digital content creator for the billboard.”