End Of year Wishes From The CDB Boarding House

As we bid farewell to this year 2023-2024, A Huge Thank You to parents and Agents for your trust, collaboration and support. May your holidays be filled with joy, peace, and wonderful experiences.

Warm wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season !

With heartfelt thanks and best wishes,

The CDB Boarding House Team

Graduation Day!

Celebrating the graduation of our boy Mana to grade 6. This marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of an exciting new journey. As he move up to the next grade,we are confident that he will continue to excel and make us proud in grade 6 and beyond.

Celebration time :-)

Congratulations to our boys for receiving their silver and bronze certificates, Jin finalist and cup winner of May fitness Challenge and Mana for graduating to grade 6. The future is bright, and we are excited to see all that you will accomplish!


Judo Graduation

We are very proud of our CDB student Chika for earning his new belt during graduation.This sport require these values in each lesson Courage, Respect, Modesty, Friendship, Honour, Sincerity, Self-control and Politeness.


A Great Shakespeare Play

 Grade 5  Today!

Today was a truly remarkable day as the talented students of Grade 5 put on a spectacular performance  of William Shakespeare’s classic plays. Their hard work and dedication were evident in every scene, and they brought the timeless story to life with enthusiasm and creativity.

A Wonderful International Day :-)

Our end-of-year event was a great celebration, bringing the CDL community together in a vibrant display of cultural diversity. The flavours from around the world were exquisite, the entertainment kept us enchanted throughout the afternoon. From captivating performances to engaging activities, there was something for everyone to enjoy.