Pillar 5 Building Resilience Against Peer Pressure ! Final week

Mr. Manu, house parent, recently conducted engaging workshops for our younger boarders on how to respond to peer pressure. He thoughtfully adapted the resources to ensure active student participation, making the session both informative and interactive.

1.The workshop began with a video introduction, setting the stage for the topic. Following this, a student advocate facilitated a game where students were presented with real-life scenarios and asked to discuss how they would respond to peer pressure in those situations. This hands-on approach allowed students to actively engage and think critically about their responses.

2.The following week, the focus shifted to tips on decision-making. Students filled out a toolkit designed to help them make informed and confident decisions when faced with peer pressure.

This small but impactful workshops provided a platform for students to brainstorm ideas and share their strategies for handling various scenarios. We are pleased with how Mr. Manu adapted this important topic for our boys, and we truly enjoyed the experience.



A Farewell Dinner At CDB

Our senior volunteer and friend to the boys visited last night and treated them to a delightful sushi feast as a token of appreciation for his time at Champs Des Bois. As he prepares to leave for university, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for his unwavering support and dedication to our young students. Thank you for everything you’ve done; you will be greatly missed!

Talented Photographer in CDB

We are proud to showcase Mana’s latest photographs. He has been attending an after-school photography club all year, and his teacher has praised his progress and the quality of his work. We will continue to encourage him to further develop this skill.

Great Pentecost Day

The boys cycled with Mr George 15 Km straight after breakfast, they truly enjoyed riding their bikes and later in the day they went on a  trip to Luna Park in Lausanne. Whilst Jin completed the final designs to the tepee sheets.  Our project is almost done 🙂

Performing Arts Evening

A Night of Marvellous Performances

This evening, our auditorium was transformed into a stage of inspiring talent, the students showcased their exceptional abilities in vocals, instruments, and stage acting. It was an evening filled with electrifying energy and breathtaking moments, leaving the audience utterly captivated. Congratulations to all the students and to our boarder Mana who played beautifully his violin and looked the part.