Ice Skating Stars

Sunday the boys put their skates on and were all keen to learn or improve their skills on the ice. They all showed great enthusiasm to push for better technique and had a fab time while doing so!

Jump Around!

Our fantastic Boarding Activity Coordinator booked us in for a thrilling day at the trampoline park in Geneva. The boys were very happy and excited to jump and chase each other.

Snow Topped Mountains

What a fantastic weekend we enjoyed in the mountains, a fresh layer of snow made for perfect conditions on the pistes and the sun kept shining throughout the whole weekend. Some of our boys went skiing, we also had snowboarders and a few of them joined non-skier activities such as tobboganing and igloo building.

Enjoying the Theatre Show

What a spectacular show we saw this Sunday! We went to La Rosey and they told a wonderful story about a siberian tiger, and an incredibly talented sand artist was creating art simultaneously with the play that was being performed.

Weekend At CDL

We have a wide variety of amazing Clubs and Activities to offer in Collège du Léman. It’s wonderful to see our young boarders so engaged in these wonderful opportunities!