Like a Snowflake, You’re One of a Kind

Good morning everyone, it’s always nice to see how every single person is unique. Surprisingly, this can be reminded to us by something so common…the weather. We have had a nice snowfall here and today we can see how different people react to the snow. Some children will be out in it, rolling around, throwing it up in the air with great excitement. Others may come outside and just glare at the beauty of the vast white blankets. A different child might not want to go out at all and just simply stay cozy inside the house with a cup of hot chocolate.

However you are going to enjoy this weather, Champs des Bois wishes you all a wonderful day!

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts!

It is so nice to have the children back in the house! After a well deserved break from all of their schoolwork the children have returned to Boarding Life and what a great start for the first week here to have such a heavy snowfall.

We are enjoying this as much as we can and hoping for more snow to fall in the next few days. We have been out playing snowball fights, making snowmen everywhere we go, making snow angels and measuring the snowfall to try and predict how much will fall in the next few hours.

Remember to wrap up warm everybody!

Our Gold Medallists!

A huge congratulations to these two award winners for Marking Period 1’s Boarding Life and Activities medals.

The Boarding Life Award is for Zhiyu, a student who has joined us for his first year in the boarding house and nevertheless he has fully embraced it. Zhiyu has really fit in excellently in Champs des Bois and picked up boarding routines and life-styles very quickly. He leads as a reference of great behaviour and manners for the other boys in the house. Well done Zhiyu!

The Activities Award has been given to Ivor, a boy who does not know the definition of “giving up”. Ivor has participated in many different weekend activities. He has a high attendance record for these weekend clubs along with other boys in the house but, what makes Ivor stand out, and the reasoning for him achieving this award, is because of his perseverance and never give up mentality. Ivor always thrives to do his best in any aspect whether it’s physical activities or academic he’s always pushing to improve. Great job Ivor!


What’s This Game?

The boys have discovered ‘Scrabble’ finally! This game has been in the toy chest for a while but today we had our first game ever. There was some super spelling, creative vocabulary and a silly word or two…

We had to put on our thinking caps but we had a really fun time!

Boot Camp Boys!

Mr. Jaime was an excellent coach to the youngest boarders in College du Leman this Saturday. These boys had great behaviour and showed some true power in each exercise. We knew we had some true Super-Heroes in training in our house and my gosh how they proved it this weekend! We done boys!

Well-being Pillar 2

Our second pillar of well-being has begun and we are talking about Diversity and Bullying. As CDL is an International School there is already such great diversity all over campus so for Champs des Bois’ Individual Project the children have chosen someone they know and have written 10 things they like and 5 differences they have with this person. It’s really nice to read what lovely things our boys at CDB have written down.

Well done Mini-Superheroes!