First We Paint – Then We Skate!

Saturday morning we had an art session this time not choosing a normal canvas or a colouring book but our skateboards. We put some great ideas together and came out with some masterpieces.  First we paint then we skate.

It was such nice weather to be out there practising hard on new turns and mainly (and most importantly) just having fun.

Wellbeing Pillar 4: Online Safety

We have started our new pillar of Wellbeing here in the Primary House – Online Safety. As the boys are growing up they will be more active with technology and using the Internet. The Internet can be such a great place to learn and discover the world and many curiosities nevertheless there are some basic rules and guidelines that we want out little ones to be aware of. We started off with watching some videos explaining the correct use of a Username and how it shouldn’t contain any personal information. We also talked about the how not to trust everyone you meet online, as people are not always who they say they are. We also discussed the fact that everything online can be permanent and what goes online STAYS online.

All the children engaged well and spoke in a group, sharing ideas and asking questions. Very proud of how much attention was paid to this first episode of the Wellbeing Pillar.

Sunday Walks With the Boys!

Today wasn’t exactly the picture perfect day to go to the lake but since it is close by and we enjoy being out by the shore we couldn’t resist. We spent time together learning how to skip rocks, looking at the ducks and the boats pass by and listening to the ripple of the water crashing on the shoreline.

Also this was Mr. Sergio’s last weekend and we wanted to spend a nice time together just by simply being together.

Spring Tidy-up!

Now that Spring is here we want to get our little vegetable patch ready in the garden. All the children helped with weeding the area, and digging up the soil to make sure it’s ready for planting. We already have in mind a few things we want to do and we will make sure to post to keep you updated!

What A Work-out!

Well done to Ivor participating once again in the Boot Camp weekend activity. Mr. Jaime really put him to work this week! It’s great to see how motivated and how much determination our young Ivor has!