Today we went to Vallée d’Abondance on the other side of lake Geneva to do some rafting. The weather was really nice, and it was very hot. It took quite a while to get there, but it was absolutely worth it, because we had loads of fun! The water was freezing, but it wasn’t a problem. We went down the river really quickly, and we were having some breaks where we could jump and swim in the river. Sometimes the rapids were wild, which was really exciting. I am pretty sure that everyone had a great time and we are all delighted that we went.

CdB rafting1 CdB rafting2

The world according to CdB

So there we have it, the boys have given you an idea of places they love, like or would like to visit. Here is an idea of where they are around the world. Interesting to see that North America, Africa and Asia have yet to be conquered! I am sure the boys will travel far and wide throughout their lives and have many great stories to tell about far off lands and different cultures!



Hi everybody
Mr. Moretto here. Proud to introduce you to one of the world’s most beautiful cities: Florence, the birthplace of Renaissance Art, with countless masterpieces on view in its streets and museums, Uffizzi and Accademia to name but two. Surrounded by the green hills of Tuscany, the city is elegant and sophisticated, quiet but with a vibrant night-life. It is quite small and you can get to know it well in a short time: a perfect weekend break for lovers of all things Italian. Strolling from Piazza della Signoria to Palazzo Pitti via Ponte Vecchio in the footsteps of Dante, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo will be easy and pleasurable given that the city centre is pedestrianised and closed to traffic (a rare thing in Italy). As a symbol of my beloved hometown I have chosen the Brunelleschi Dome, where art and science find perfect equilibrium.


Hello, I am Egor and I am going to tell you about my home town Orenburg.

Its in the south of Russia, right next to Kazakhstan. Even though it’s in the south, it’s colder than the north, but also hot in the summer, this is because of the flat lands. The flat lands also mean that it is a good place for farming. The city itself is busy in center, but the population is not that big. There are quite a lot of interesting things to do like going to cinemas, paintballs or swimming in the river. I love this city because its where I grew up and where my friends are. No matter where I live, I always will call Orenburg – Home.

This is a statue of Urii Gagarin, he was the first man in space and he was from Orenburg.


Hello, I am Alexey.

During the holidays I went to Dubai with my family. It was very interesting place to visit.

Dubai is a very fast growing city with lots of tall buildings being built by great architects from all over the world. I visited the top of Burj khalifa (in the picture below) which is the highest building in the world.

It is a great place to go to and a really interesting place because there are a lot of attractions for tourists.

It is still growing and I would like to visit it in couple  of years from now and see what’s changed.



Hello I am Mircea and I come from Romania. I am here to tell you a bit about London.

My sister moved there 5 years ago and since that day London became my favourite city. I go there almost every holiday and sometimes at the weekends. London is the capital city of the United Kingdom and as you can expect, always when I arrive at Heathrow Airport, I already see the bright lights, the big building and the monuments. London is not only known for its bright lights, but it is also known for the beautiful important places such as Buckingham palace, the London Eye, Big Ben, etc. I always love to walk at night around London and admire the bright lights of the streets and everything around.

London is my favourite place in the world and you should visit it anytime. It will be unforgettable and you won’t regret it.


buckingham palace Night-London


Hello, I’m Andrey and I am from Russia. I will be talking about the city in Ukraine, Chernobyl.

It is a city with high levels of radiation in it, due to the Nuclear Power Plant explosion in 1986. Almost no excursions are allowed in the area of the city due to the radiation. Mostly, excursions take place in Pripyat, an abandoned city next to Chernobyl, but with a lower radiation level. I find that these cities are very interesting because of their post-apocalyptic looks and I would really like to go there at least once during my life.



Magic show

Today, Sunday 4th of May, we went to a magic show at a theatre near to our boarding house. We were very excited when we arrived there as we saw there were 50 people waiting to enter the room. After 10 minutes we entered the “Magic Room” and sat down on some comfortable chairs. The magician was very known all around the world, his name was Ben Hart. At one part of the show, he asked if anyone had a credit card, so I raised my hand. He called me on stage and made an impossible trick which made everyone clap and say “WOW”. My credit card  had disappeared then reappeared inside a playing card I had signed!!! It was a very good experience and I would like to learn his tricks also. Here is a picture of me enjoying myself on stage.