Saturday barbecue

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we went to the shop and we want to buy some candy then me and my friend geory have an idea what we can do barbecue so we bout everything what we need and then we start to cook and then one more my friend also from champ de bois help us i this and the we start to it and it was so tasty


My opinion about tennis activity.

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Hi, my name is Igor Beylin. Now I would like to tell you some words about CDL tennis activity. I like it very much, because I want to become a champion in the future, maybe it will happen. It is also very useful for my legs, because I need to run to the ball very fast. Really, the coach is very good player, he is also train us very good, but I can not forget about my first coach from Cyprus and Russia, they were also very good. But if I will study here, I want to practice my tennis skills. So, in my opinion, tennis is very good for me and my health.


Open House at CDB!


I hope you had a wonderful day!! Yesterday we had the opportunity to receive our teachers at home! They visited our house, knowing more about the environment of the kids, visiting the rooms, garden.. knowing more about their day after school and enjoying different snacks and drinks!

I hoped to have even more teachers, but unfortunately I know that they have also other houses and meetings. Anyway, they know that they are welcome in our house whenever they want to visit us!!

Have a great day!!



Weekend at Champ des Bois!

Dear all,

We had an amazing weekend all together! On Saturday morning, everyone have different activities to do: Igor went to Tennis; Massamba, Wael and Marco went to Horse Back Riding; and with Mike, Chenyang, Samandar, Georgy and Vasily, we enjoyed our time in the dome playing basketball, hockey, football..

On Sunday, we went to Aquapark! Further it was a wonderful weather that allow us to enjoy the outdoor part of the park. I am sure that they want to come back soon!! Here I attach  few pictures of the trip, have a great day!!!


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Peaceful week in CBD

Hello all!

This week we had a really quiet week, most of the kids were in Ardeche enjoying a really good experience and here at Champ des Bois, we were Massamba and Wael into a normal academic week for the francophone section of the school.

On Wednesday, one new student arrived! Welcome IGOR!! He also could enjoy with Wael and Massamba the trip to Laussane on Thursday, we were visiting the Olympic Museum and visiting the city of Laussane. It was a really interesting visit to the Olympic museum, where we could see the olympic flame, the original jerseys, trainers and lots of other items from different athletes!

Also, we can play different games there, where we can compete to achieve different precision, quickness and balance. We did great but we need more practice to achieve the athletes records!

Here I attach few pictures of the trip.. Have a great weekend!!!













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