Team Champs Des Bois

This team has power, technique and sportsmanship.

The children showed that they can work together as a team in our tennis lesson this Sunday. Practising all swings and different returns. They tired themselves out but still did not want to leave when the lesson came to an end.

Indoor Climbing

Here are many snaps of the little ones climbing in a lovely indoor climbing centre here in Versoix! The boys all listened carefully to the instructor and then showed some great skill and technique on the walls.


Woodcrafting Masters

Three of the boys have been enjoying and showing off their woodcrafting skills this Saturday. They started the lesson with some theory and safety rules which will help them plan and develop their own projects. They were also practicing different techniques of cutting wood with different tools.

Acrobranche In Geneva

This was such a fun weekend and here are some of the best pictures from our little Tarzan’s!

After these 3 hours in the trees, which flew by, we all found a nice spot in the shade to sit down and enjoy a nice fruity snack to keep our energy up and play tag!

Tennis Stars!

Early this morning our boys were up and ready to have their first tennis lesson with Coach Martin. They showed everyone what quick learners they are. Also they were super helpful cleaning up and fetching the balls at the end of the lesson.