Leon’s Training

Leon is definitely motivated to learn how to skate and to be a good skateboarder, so he is taking his physical training seriously. Bravo Leon we are very proud of your attitude and determination.

Christmas Dinner

On Saturday evening we shared a nice moment all together with all the boarders for the Christmas dinner. We suited up for this occasion and used the photoboth to make a lot of fun pictures.

Our Gold Medallists!

A huge congratulations to these two award winners for Marking Period 1’s Boarding Life and Activities medals.

The Boarding Life Award is for Zhiyu, a student who has joined us for his first year in the boarding house and nevertheless he has fully embraced it. Zhiyu has really fit in excellently in Champs des Bois and picked up boarding routines and life-styles very quickly. He leads as a reference of great behaviour and manners for the other boys in the house. Well done Zhiyu!

The Activities Award has been given to Ivor, a boy who does not know the definition of “giving up”. Ivor has participated in many different weekend activities. He has a high attendance record for these weekend clubs along with other boys in the house but, what makes Ivor stand out, and the reasoning for him achieving this award, is because of his perseverance and never give up mentality. Ivor always thrives to do his best in any aspect whether it’s physical activities or academic he’s always pushing to improve. Great job Ivor!


Sidewalk Surfers!

The boys love to skate but safety first, we only do skateboarding in a secure area off the streets. We are teaching them the basics and they show very good skills. So this was only the first session, however, there will be more…