Wow! What a Weekend!

We have had an awesome time together in Crans Montana with our young boarders. So many new experiences for the children, some of them skiing for the first time, or going snowtubing together with friends. We were lucky enough to be in a Chalet with our Junior Boarding Team, where we spent a lot of time playing board games together and messing around in the snow! Our Champs des Bois Superheroes were extremely well-behaved and we are incredibly proud of them! Well done little ones!

Let’s Talk about Boundaries in our Friendships

Our Wellbeing topic is about creating positive friendships and an important key for this is knowing how to respect your friend’s boundaries and have them respect yours. Liam was very enthusiastic with this topic and took the lead in hosting this session by himself. Okay, I helped him a bit to come up with some more questions but the idea was totally his! He managed to deliver these questions well and got some great answers from his housemates. Liam was even following up with them after listening to each of their answers carefully.

Here are some of the questions asked:

  • Are you a good friend? Why do you think so?
  • How do you feel when your friend has a bad temper?
  • Do you have a friend that you can tell a secret to and you won’t be worried they would tell others?
  • How would you feel if your friend always planned everything and didn’t listen to what you wanted?
  • How do your friends make you feel?
  • Do your friends respect your feelings?

Thank to all of our little ones for taking part and performing some role-play theatricals for others to have a visual example and thank you for speaking so honestly about yourselves and your friends!

Best Room Champions!

The Best Room Trophy of Champs des Bois has been given to Nicholas and Firdavs this week. The young roommates manage to keep the wardrobes tidy with nice, neatly folded clothes, they remember to make their beds every morning and do not leave toys laying around on the floor. Firdavs and Nicholas have also been well behaved in the evening, doing their night-time routine properly and without having to be asked, remembering to stay quiet during calm down time and switching their lamps off at lights out.

Well done boys, you deserve it!

Wellbeing Pillar 3

Tonight in our family meeting we spoke about our new Wellbeing Pillar – Building Positive Relationships.

We spoke about our own experiences and friends that we consider to be good friends and also about the friends that may not be best to hang out with. After watching a few videos explaining a bit more this important topic it was nice to hear about how our little ones already know so much about choosing good friendships.

Study Hall for Primary

Now that the house is getting bigger our study hall must too! We now do a 45 minute session of homework time in a lovely classroom. Since the classroom is on the Primary campus the children are familiar with it. They are all doing an excellent job and are making sure to try their best.

Well done superstars!


Hiking Through the Snow!

We travelled up to St. Cergue today and enjoyed a great hike. We managed to be out for almost 2 hours and found some spectacular views. Liam packed a few snacks for the children also and at the end we stopped for a nice hot chocolate to get warm again.

Welcome Back!

The children are back in our lovely house and it is great to see the new faces and the ones that have returned!

It has been too quiet here without them and it is great to hear the cheerful playing and running around once again!