Athletics champion!

A huge well done to Gio who was representing the school today at the Swiss Group of International Schools Athletics meet in Bern. He finished fourth in the 100m and helped the 4x100m also finish in fourth place overall. Very impressive against a very talented field!

CdL came second overall in the whole competition – amazing! Well done to everybody who took part, you should be proud!


The world according to CdB

So there we have it, the boys have given you an idea of places they love, like or would like to visit. Here is an idea of where they are around the world. Interesting to see that North America, Africa and Asia have yet to be conquered! I am sure the boys will travel far and wide throughout their lives and have many great stories to tell about far off lands and different cultures!


International week on our blog

Hello Everybody,

As we are at an international school, over the next week or so the boys are going to give you an idea of where they come from and places they have been or would like to visit. Every day for the next 10 days, one of the boys will post a blog about a place in the world of their choosing and tell you a little about it.

To start the ball rolling, I am originally from a small town very near to Edinburgh in Scotland. Edinburgh is a beautiful city with a long and interesting history. I love to go back to Edinburgh and spend a day wandering around its many fascinating landmarks. It is especially enjoyable during August when the international arts festival attracts thousands of performers and visitors from all walks of life. I know I am biased, but I really think that Edinburgh is one of the greatest cities in the world and I would encourage anybody to pay it a visit – you won’t regret it!

Star Flyer ride Edinburgh Edinburgh 02 Edinburgh 03

Welcome back and Happy belated birthday!

We are back in a rather cold wet and miserable Switzerland to start the “big push” to the end of the school year. It’s hard to believe as it feels like only yesterday that we were starting the school year! The boys all have a lot of work ahead of them to make sure they get the best grades possible in the third marking period and the end of year exams, but I am sure we will find the time to have some fun as well!

While we were on holiday, Andrey and Gio sneakily managed to arrange their 16th birthdays – very good planning on their part! A very happy birthday to both of you!
Andrey Gio1

Awards ceremony

Champs des Bois can proudly announce that they are the first ever house to retain the CdL boarding talent show trophy! The boys have won it for the second year in a row in the “video” category for our superpowers video we posted last week! The trophy is now on our mantlepiece but as the perfect gentlemen – the boys will hand it over at dinner to Franconis 6 girls who won the award for the “live” category. They did an excellent song and dance routine and the win is well deserved – well done girls!!!

Also celebrated tonight:

Andrey and Vladimir won an award for their participation in the “special effects class”.

Egor won the activities award for his dedication in going to the gym after dinner – great work!

Alexey won the boarding life award for his excellent attitude towards life in Champs des Bois; he never complains when he is asked to do anything, approaches life with a great sense of humour and takes time to think of others – what a nice guy!

Finally, Mauro retains the academic award for his outstanding GPA of 3.71 – incredible, we are all proud of you!

Here are some pictures of the winners – well done everybody!!!

Awards 01 Awards 08 Awards 04 Awards 14 Awards 1 Awards trophy