Rio de Janeiro

My name is Jiahao and I am from Rio. Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful cities in the world due to the beauty of its nature. It is hosting the football World Cup 2014 and the Olympics in 2016. It shows that Rio de Janeiro is a great city. It is also famous for the beaches and the touristic points such as the ‘Christ the Redeemer’ statue which is considered one of the ‘New 7 wonders of the world’. The people there are very friendly and they have a lot of energy. It is a really nice place to visit, many tourists go there every year. I really recommend going there.



Biking – coming soon

In this marking period we are please to have biking again. Today was not a very good day for biking due to the rain. Therefore, we decided to pump the tires of the bikes instead for next time. Gio was the responsible one for the pumping and the others were checking whether the bikes were fine or not. Me and Mauro are new to this activity; we learned how to bike in the beginning of the year and we are excited to show what we have learned! We hope next week the weather will be good to us and we will be able to go for  a ride.cdb biking 01

Here comes the sun!

The weather has been nice lately, and I cannot wait for the holidays ! It has been a long and hard marking period and our well earned break is coming up ! We have all been working hard recently and we hope our grades will prove that. I hope you all have a great holidays with your family and friends !


Meet the teachers / Tuck shop

Today the weather has been really bad for us, and furthermore tomorrow we have the parent teacher conference. How lucky we are!

On the bright side, the tuck shop is finally open! A tuck shop is simply a shop for the boarding students that is inside the boarding house. It allows us to have some snacks and drinks without leaving the house! And it is also much cheaper than grenier where the students usually buy.


One of the rules that has changed recently is that we can order pizza during the week. Here we are enjoying pizza night in Champ des Bois.

Another awesome change in Champ des Bois is that the beds and furniture are going to be changed after the Easter holidays. We can’t wait to see it! We will put pictures on the blog to show you too.


Graffiti night

This evening, we had a great experience making some graffiti art for the Christmas dance. I had a lot of fun together with my friends.

Elisa from Meritas, Assem from Ferrari and Juliana from Meritas came along to introduce this activity to us. Thank you so much for the help. We were all really pleased with our decorations. We are looking forward to seeing our art and seeing you at the dance.