Wellbeing pillar 1

After talking about healthy food and good sleep, in this weeks wellbeing session we talked about screen time before bed. We talked about the effects of screen time on our physical and mental health. Because of these effects we decided to not watch TV anymore for an entire week. There were screams of shock in the house when we announced this, but the children came up with some nice alternatives for the evenings. Next week we will paint, play hide and seek, boardgames etc. instead of watching TV.


Trip to Lausanne

Today, Liam and Zhiyu went to visit two museums in Lausanne: the Vaud Geology Museum and the Olympic Museum. In the first one they found some crystals, dinosaurs and other fossils. In the Olympic Museum they became athletes themselves in front of a green screen after learning all about them.

Wellbeing pillar 1

Today we had another house meeting where we talked about healthy bodies and healthy minds. Last week we discussed the importance of a balanced meal. This week we focused on sleep. We asked the children to draw the activities in their day twice: once with enough sleep and the other with too little sleep. Want to know what a sleepy breakfast and lazy football look like? Try to find them in the drawings below!


Saturday fun

On Saturday, Zhiyu, Liam and Mikaella went horse riding. Nicholas showed off his athletic skills in running club and Matvei had fun playing volleyball.

In the afternoon we had the pleasure of having Erik from Concha with us. He challenged us with the nerf guns and joined us for a little shopping trip.

In the evening everyone joined Mr St├ęphane in badminton club before watching a movie.

Challenge accepted

As part of the wellbeing program, Mr. Rob challenged all the houses in a 30-day fitness challenge. Today’s challenge took us to the basketball court to score as much as possible in one minute. Liam, Mikaella and Matvei all took turns shooting hoops.



Wellbeing Pillar 1

Throughout the year we will work on our wellbeing with different pillars and exercises. Today we started off with pillar 1: Healthy Body and Healthy Mind. During our house meeting we talked about healthy and unhealthy foods. To make the session interactive, we let the children raid the kitchen. They sorted the food they found in two categories: healthy and unhealthy food. They were really good at knowing what food is healthy and not. Some of them put up some good arguments as to why a certain food should go in the (un)healthy categorie. Liam explained us all how having a balanced meal is the key to a healthy lifestyle.