Moscow, Russia

My name is Vladimir Rebrik and I want to talk about my favourite city – Moscow.

This city is my favourite because all my life I was growing up in it. It is a beautiful city with amazing architecture and wonderful scenery. It is always busy with life and has a lot of places worth visiting, like Saint Basil’s Cathedral or the Red Square. The whole city has a feeling of history around it, contrasting with the new glass skyscrapers and lush parks.




On Sunday the weather was sunny and nice, so all of Champ-des-Bois went on a biking trip into Versoix. There, we found a nice place to play the traditional french game of “petanque.” It was very interesting and not complicated at all. We had great time doing it and got some fresh air in the process!

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Special effects


This term, I have started a new activity – Special Effects, conducted by the specialists from Studio 41. This term we have started doing such interesting stuff as fake cuts, bites and even creating our own fake hand. The instructors are nice and amiable and maybe because of that, even though this art is not easy to master, we are doing it pretty well. Such a class is totally different from what we usually do and that is why I like it very much.

photo (1)


Sunny September Skies

Today’s weather was incredibly warm, something that is not expected of the autumn month of September. Not even a cloud was seen in the skies today and the sun was let loose, making the temperature unbearably high. Good thing  that such days are not frequent enough for us to dislike them, because who knows, maybe this is the last sunny day this year?

New rooms

After having wonderful Easter holidays, we encountered a huge surprise – our rooms were completely changed in the course of 2 weeks and only a few people could recognise their old rooms – they have become much comfier and they have acquired much more storage space, so there will be much less mess in them. It is a shame, however, that some people did not get any new furniture, their room will be a kitchen next year!

A huge thank you to Mr Usher for giving us the new look of the rooms, we love them!

A tasty brunch.

This weekend we went to brunch and saw that what Mr Usher had said about our meals improving was true – the brunch as we had known it is now not existing!

First, now , instead of  coming for brunch at an appointed time you can come at any time you want between 9.30 and 11.30. Also, the menu had totally changed – instead of just a few dishes there was a huge variety of different foods and desserts.

It was very amazing and tasty!

What a workout!

 Today we went to the gym as our second activity and all had an 8- minute workout with many exercises for arms, legs and abs included. At first it was quite easy and we all thought that eight minutes is not much, but soon we began to feel more tired and by the end I could barely move!