Welcome Back to CDB

We are excited to welcome back our young boarders from their Easter Break.  We are embarking on the last leg of the school year, and we will try our best to provide them with a rich experience, filled with exciting summer activities and lots of fun!!!

Happy 9th Birthday Luca

Luca’s 9th birthday falls during the Easter break, and tonight we wanted to celebrate with him. We shared a delicious double chocolate cake, sang happy birthday in 5 different languages and wished him all the best for the year ahead.

Hanging Around at the Climbing Club and Much More

Climbing is a top choice for the boys on the weekend, they like to attend this club together and have really helped each other improve by pushing themselves to do harder climbs.

Also, we love going to Olympus sports gym to play whatever sport that we feel like. Today we tried a bit of table-tennis, basketball, football and even some improvised dances by Donny.