Christmas holidays

The boys have all made it safely away from a snowy Geneva and will now be spending some well earned time at home. It’s just me and Frosty the snowman here now, and soon I will be leaving him in soul charge when I go to Chamonix to enjoy my own holidays!

I hope all the boys and their families have a delightful time over the next three weeks. Whatever you chose to celebrate, a family get-together is always reason for cheer!

Have a great time and I look forward to seeing everybody again (with the possible exception of Frosty) in 2013!

Jamie Robertson

Last supper!

We welcome  Mr Maluen, our new tutor and we are saying goodbye to Mr. Waters. We will miss him with his FIFA skills!

Today we went out for Pizza near our house, we enjoyed it and we hope we will be doing it again soon. Thank you Romolo for everything!

In the photo below we are near our X-Mas tree. We are looking forward to our amazingly good vacation! See you soon!

Christmas dance

This weekend we had our Christmas dance in a nice hotel in Geneva, it was very interesting and funny. I liked the music,it was a great evening! We don’t have any photos yet, but we will put some on the blog soon.

I have been living in Champs de Bois for three weeks  now. It’s very big and comfortable and the guys are very friendly, its excellent!