Weekend away

This weekend we went to the Vallée d’Abondance which is about an hour away from Geneva, it is a beautiful place.

On Saturday we went rafting, it was really  exciting and it was really good fun jumping in water from the rocks. After that we went cycling in the forest, it was muddy and difficult but we still had lots of fun. Also we went on the monkey bars there, I love to swing on them and hang upside-down! 

We stayed overnight in a nice hotel, had some nice food at dinner and in the evening we went to wander around in the town.

On sunday we went hiking, we were lucky because the weather really improved during our walk, it was beautiful there.

On our way home we had our lunch at Evian (where the water comes from) and free time in the city. After that we all had an ice-cream together.  

We had great fun on this weekend and we will always have lots of memories left from this trip.



2 thoughts on “Weekend away

  1. So cool to see you guys rafting, climbing, jumping, riding, trekking in “my mountains” from where I am! And you look like enjoying it. Greeeaaat!!!!

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