We are back!!!

Hello everybody from the new and improved Champs des Bois!!!

I am delighted to announce that everybody who has returned from Champs des Bois last year is back in the house again. Only Alibek and Akhmad are not back at CdL this year. If you are reading this guys, you are missed in the house already!

Not only are we delighted that the boarding management decided to let everybody stay for a second year, they have been good enough to do an incredible amount of work to the house while we have been enjoying our summer holidays. Here you can see the boys making good use of our new extended living room with dining table and babyfoot table. And what good is a dining table without delicious food to dine on? Well that shouldn’t be a problem any more either thanks to our fantastic new kitchen; brilliantly demonstrated by Andrey, Aslan and Egor below. On top of these additions, we have new showers, a new toilet, new tiling, new washing machines, the house has been painted throughout, the list goes on!

As I said, Akhmad and Alibek are no longer with us, but the renovations took up one bed space so we could only invite one lucky boarder into this lovely new house. The lucky winner was Giorgios, seen here playing Babyfoot with Mauro, Jia Hao and Mircea. He is already good friends with all of the boys in the house as he was in Concha boarding house last year so he has settled in very well. We all look forward to his company throughout the school year!

Remember to visit our blog regularly to see what the boys are up to – we will try to do at least one post each week. On Sunday the boys are all off to the bowling alley, check back soon to see who triumphed!!!