Football success!

Congratulations to Gio and Jia Hao who both played for CdL yesterday against LGB, an international school in Geneva. I have had a report from coach Pierre that they both played very well and helped the team along to a 5-2 victory, coming back from 2-0 down!

The boys are all proud of you!!!

Go-karting king!

On Sunday we went go-karting in France. I took the second place over all!!! The funny thing is I didn’t want to go but they had one free spot and I decided to give it a shot and I was second over all!!!!!! Although we had to wake up early on a Sunday morning, all of us loved it. We enjoyed the loud noise of karts and cheerful people driving and showing off their skills. But it here is a bad bit, I was trying to improve my time so much that I hit the pitwall – that hurt a bit but it was worth it!

Biking in the rain!

Today our activity was biking – and it was raining! We were expecting it to be terrible, but it wasn’t that bad. Even if it was dirty and wet everywhere, we still kind of liked it. Also we caught a moment to see a rainbow, you can almost see it in this picture!

Rochers de Nayes discovery day

We arrived at Rochers de Nayes at around 11 am. A cold breeze of fresh, clean air swept by us. We knew that we will enjoy it.

On the first day we couldn’t do any activity outside because it was raining too hard so we played inside games: cards, truth or dare, etc. The next day came and the rain started to go away. We were separated into groups and rock climbed and hiked. Even if there was dense fog, the view was still amazing and the forests were extraordinary.

Now we are back in Champs des Bois enjoying hearing the stories of the other boys who were in Interlaken.

A piece of cake!

Today we decided to make a cake and it proved to be very delicious. I was amazed by how many unhealthy ingredients were used, but I guess that is what makes the cake so tasty. Everyone helped doing certain tasks like breaking the chocolate, mixing the eggs and sugar… Next time we will try to make a healthier cake with yoghurt and some fruits and hopefully it will be delicious as well!

Sunny September Skies

Today’s weather was incredibly warm, something that is not expected of the autumn month of September. Not even a cloud was seen in the skies today and the sun was let loose, making the temperature unbearably high. Good thing ┬áthat such days are not frequent enough for us to dislike them, because who knows, maybe this is the last sunny day this year?