Oh what a night!

On Friday, CdB boys had an amazing night. Starting to get prepared for the night, we already felt like the christmas dance was going to be an extraordinary experience. We started to walk to the limousine which waited for us at the back of the Cervin building. The music started to enter our body and we all started to dance and sing. It was an incredible feeling. We then stopped to take some pictures and then continued our trip, ending at Kempinsky. We entered the dining hall. Everything was so elegant and graceful. We went to our table and started to talk about random things, joke, laugh and enjoy ourself. We then ate very tasty food and watched the Kavkaz boys dance lezginka. Then the music started again and we came together and danced on the dance floor. We had a beautiful night at the Christmas dance and we hope that next year it will be the same.



Double champions!

Last week we went to Le Rosey school to watch CdL play football in the finals of a tournament of international schools in our area. We were in both finals and we won both of them!!!

From our house Gio and Jia Hao were playing in the first match, we saw the second half. It was very exciting, it went to extra time and Karim from Leman scored in the last minute! The varsity game was also great to watch and ended up being successful for us – what an evening!

It was very cold standing at the side of the game but the energy from the players made it well worth going.


Here are some of the boys training earlier in the year.