CDB by Samandar

Hello everyone!


Now we are going to share Samandar’s post! He is a good student who he also start taking Piano Lessons to increase it’s music skills. He will talk about his experience winning the best room competition into a really equal competition between rooms… Igor and Alex were so close to win again, also Massamba and Wail did a great effort, but finally they got this trophy before October break, CONGRATULATIONS!!


Now, Samandar give us it’s point of view…

“It was Sunday,we start to clean our room and we was so fast because we was working together and it was like 20 minutes and the we need to be in our beds so out house parent told us which room he will go in they will win so he go in and put the cup in our room so we was so happy.”

Samandar Seyidbeyli


CDB News! By Mike

Hello all,


Today Mike will share with us a bit of his experience here in College du Leman. He will talk about his Physical Education experience, as we can know, Mike is improving and doing a great effort in all subjects, but in PE he is getting even better! Here we go…


Last three weeks. I wasn’t wearing oppriate college du leman sport uniform. My coach Mr Jamie Duncan Robertson sent an email to my house parents Mr Maluen Prunier, My house parent were upset. So the next tuesday morning I went to the sport shop to buy a new hoddy for my physical education lesson. I had my best physical education lesson ever, also great day of school and my coach Mr Jamie Duncan Robertson sent an email to my other house parent Mr Jorge Herrero saying that I did great on my physical education lesson.”


Thank you everyone, we will keep you updated about what CDB guys are doing!

CDB by Igor Beylin

Hello Everyone!!


Today we have the point of view of Igor Beylin, he is a new student from Russia who really likes to play tennis, computer games and to do different activities during the week and weekends!! Now he want to share with all of you his opinion and how he feels in Champ des Bois:


“It’s very good house, but the guys, I can say, are not maybe very good, but they are very very funny. We also have very funny meetings. We have very good tutor. Also I was amazed when we won the “championship” of the “most clean (best) room in Champ Des Bois”. We got a cup for whole week. It’s really cool! Also we have kitchen, where we can cook everyday. I don’t use it a lot but other guys use it. So, in my opinion, it’s cool house, but here is no one of my best friend Anatolii. But for else, it’s very good!)    

Best wishes, Igor Beylin”



photo 2


Also he is doing well in academics and he play tennis really good, we will see if here we have a “new Rafa Nadal or Roger Federer”!!


Have a gooooooood day!



CDB by Alexandr Kuzmin

Alexandr will talk us about the internal challenge at Champ des Bois… Best room competition!


“On Sunday I- Alex Kuzmin and my roommate- Igor Beylin win a trophy for the best room in CDB. We start preparing the room at 19.00 and finished at 21.00. It was hard  to be the “best” room, to make better than others. We was very tired after that, but this was a big victim to big reward. I think that next week we will get the some reward about the best room in CDB. I want that CDL will do more competitive moments, where we can win and play competitions like that.”




They were the first one who won this trophy on 2014/2015 but… will they keep this trophy in their room next time??

CDB News!

Hello Everyone!!

From today, almost everyday you can read one of our students, they will share their experience here about something in particular that they want to share! Today, Alexandr Kuzmin will share with us his first post!

Thank you!!