Scary πŸ‘» but Fun 🀩

The entire house was celebrating Halloween tonight πŸŽƒ The boys went trick or treating, stopping off for sweets and scares at a few on-campus boarding houses. The night was fun and spooky, with a thick, eerie fog that just added to the Halloween atmosphere.Β Sweets, costumes and masks were everywhere, a lot of fun and joy was shared tonight.

Zhiyu Soccer Skills After Juventus Camp


Zhiyu came back from the Juventus Camp he went to during the October break even better that he already was.


His skills have improved and we are very proud of our little soccer player.

We will keep training him to keep up his work-rate and technique!

Welcome Back Boys!

After welcoming back our students Β Β we were still missing one boy. Zhyiu arrived early this morning and look how excited his house-mates were to see him! It’s so great to have a full house again!

Well Being In Champs des Bois

Here in Champs des Bois we are making sure that this Pillar of Healthy Body & Healthy Mind sticks. It’s a great way to live, if these young boys grow up already eating healthy and having good habits we are sure they will live a long healthy life. Here in CdB during this Well Being Pillar we made sure that the children were having fruit as snacks or even vegetables…oh how they LOVE crunchy carrots! It has got to the point now that the children are choosing to have healthy snacks and know the importance of having a balanced diet.

We are sure that this is not to be forgotten during the year and we are going to keep this up. You’re all doing great Champs des Bois Boys!

Knocking Down Some Pins!

Here are quite a few pictures of the Champs des Bois boys at our Sunday activity, bowling! The boys never gave up and tried to do their best to the very end. It was a really nice event with some very well behaved children.

(Sorry for the misspelt names on the scoreboard)