What a workout!

 Today we went to the gym as our second activity and all had an 8- minute workout with many exercises for arms, legs and abs included. At first it was quite easy and we all thought that eight minutes is not much, but soon we began to feel more tired and by the end I could barely move!

Football tournament

Hey there, today was a bad day for football but a fun day for us. Even if we didn’t win any games we had a lot of fun. Oh, I forgot to explain to you what were we playing. It was a football tournament just for boarders and if we would win we can earn some extra free time.

Mountain biking magic!

This morning the sunrise behind Mont Blanc was amazing again.

After study hall we went to the forest on bikes. It was really good fun, if you look at the bottom there’s two pictures of when I was going really fast!

Cool canyoning

Yesterday, we went canyoning . Everyone enjoyed it a lot. We went down a mountain river and jumped off the cliffs in to the water. Our highest one was 5 or 6 meters! We also wanted to jump from 7 meters, but we didn’t have enough time to.

Unfortunately we couldn’t take the camera with us because it was too wet, but here we are getting ready to go.


From sunrise to sailing

I woke up this morning and I knew that this day would be good. This picture shows our view of Mont Blanc this morning.

I was right,  after school we went sailing. I loved our activity so much that I ended up in the water!




Today we started to make some clay models in art and it was really fun because we were sharing our ideas and our thoughts about our sculptures.

On the first picture there are some of the guys from our boarding house, the one with a grey t-shirt is our boarding representative, I think he is a great choice because he is one of the most responsible people I know – and there is me with my sculpture down there!

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