Healthy mind in healthy body

Each day after dinner, the students are welcome to join the fitness room for good training.  A few times per week our boys attend the gym after playing football with their friends. Even if summer is over, all of us are looking to stay in good shape and take care of our bodies and health.

Cultural Snacks

This week, Jamil and Armin had a visit from their family.
They brought us some sweaty foods specialty from their respective countries; Azerbaijan and Iran.

Azeri Pahlavi:


Azeri Shekerbura:


Iranian Food: pistachio & Chocolates with nuts:

Super 5 – Welcome Taha

We are very excited to welcome Taha to Concha Annexe.

He arrived yesterday afternoon and our students welcomed him warmly in our house. He is always very smiling and he loves to play Football.

We will keep you update about his wonderful Journey in Cllège du Léman & Concha Annexe.

Mountain Scooter

The whole Boarding family went to the Swiss mountains for the integration weekend. There, our students experienced an amazing view as well as many fun and new activities. One of them was the mountain scooter…. Very similar to the usual street scooter, but those ones have mountain bike wheels and suspensions.
At first sight, it might look dangerous and the hill very steep but after a few minutes, the students had only fun and the fear disappeared.



New LOGO !

We are very proud to present to you our new logo.
It was entirely created by our students after their arrival.
We believe that this inspiring logo and motto will bring our students to their best.


New Logo

Old Logo

New School Year & New Team

Dear Parents and Guardians,
We are delighted to share our happiness and pride in being the new Concha Annexe Boarding House team.

Mr Manuel Sanchez is the House Parent, and Mr Stéphane Brandes is the Deputy House Parent.

Even if both of us share many years of experiences of boarding, each year is always a new journey of unforgettable and cheerful moments with our students.

We will keep you updated with many beautiful and exciting pictures, so follow us !!!

Have A Great Summer Holiday!

Dear boys,

It has been an honour to contribute to your upbringing this year.

For about nine months I have watched you grow and become the confident and independent boys you are today.
It was a joy to live with you everyday. Your smiles, your efforts, every time you said “thank you” … this gave me strength and helped me overcome difficult times.
We have learned so much from each other,  and we have grown close day by day until we became a part of each other. We have spent wonderful times together, we have made ourselves beautiful memories that we will carry with us forever.
You have made your parents and all of us proud! now enjoy your young and beautiful lives!
Have a great and well-deserved Summer Holiday!
Mr Salva.