Judo Master

This afternoon, Micha took part in a Judo competition in Geneva and finished 3rd.

One of his friends took the trip with him to cheer him. He came back very happy and we were very proud of him.

We always encourage our students to practice sports and activities. But we also encourage them to practice those activities on a higher level and take part in competitions so they can push themselves to their limits and always try their best.

Concha Annexe Talent show

This Wednesday during the Boarding assembly, each house presented an original creation for their talent show.
Usually, other students dance or sing, but we pushed creativity to a completely next level and decided to demonstrate our students’ Judoka talent.
Jamil, who practiced judo for years and Micha who has a good level and takes part in competitions, demonstrated on stage the beauty of this sport.

Diego and Lyam introduced our 2 performers on stage, and Taha demonstrate the danger and risks if you don’t respect the basic rules of security.

Big applause and a standing ovation to our talented boys

Weekend Activities

This weekend the boys attended their favorite activities.

Diego demonstrated his amazing climbing skills

Jamil run faster than ever

Lyam and Taha developed their chess strategies.






Weekend rocking the activities

This week we have a broad variety of activities organised by Ms Lucélia, and the boys in the house had some fun, Paintball, Climbing, Tennis and Chess Club across the boys in the house.

A mention to Lyam who went to Chess Club and he beat everyone. Smashing the board!

Online Safety ??

Phishing, cookies, catfishing, identity theft, private information, Internet scam, etc.

There is a large number of words that we hear and read about scandals on the Internet.

What we try to do with our students and our Wellbeing programme is to raise awareness, we need to learn how to cohabit with these words and avoid being involved in dodgy situations.

Thanks, Jamil and Mr Gordon for your help with Online Safety.

Trip to Rome (Armin)

This weekend Armin and a few of our Boarders went to Rome. They visited the Vatican City, and the Coliseum, and had the chance to see a Rugby match, Italy against Wales  (The Six Nations Championship). After the match they recognized the famous British actor Luke Evans, who was kind to take a picture with them.

Mountain Bike Club

A new club was created recently and joined our galaxy of different activities that we offer to our students; Mountain Biking. Today was the first try, at first, the students had some time to get familiar with their bikes and then they went on a more challenging path. Jamil really liked it and will return in two weeks.

Sunday’s SPA

Diego had the chance to join his friends to relax and swim in the Spa of Les Bains de Lavey. The water was warm and the sun showed up just before they arrived 🏊‍♂️😎