Switzerland Quiz Night

Last Wednesday, our Boarding community held another house competition, this time we had a quiz about Switzerland. For this time, our student Diego was sent to defend the badge of Concha Annexe against the rest of the houses.

He did quite well and answered most of the questions right, but the readiness of all the contests was something praiseworthy, especially the one from Nicholas, from the Primary House, Champs des Bois, was outstanding. He singlehanded the competition on his own and won the competition.

Mr Manuel was so impressed to see this attainment that wanted to reward Champs des Bois crew, who gladly received a pack of mini-chocolates.

Well done to everyone!!! It is important to know where you live.


Weekend Plan: Have some fun

Laughing and sleeping are the two best cures in the world. They’re even more effective during weekends.

This weekend we have our boys mainly taking part in the Chess Club: Taha, Jamil, Lyam and Armin went to challenge themselves and others.

Although, Chess was not the only activity that the boys were taking part in.

Diego went Climbing and Ice-Skating.

And Jamil also took part in the Running Club led by Mr. Rob.

Boarding experience through the students eyes

The best people to give a testimonial about the boarding life experience are the ones that are concerned the most: the Students.

Our Boarding community is proud to share a glimpse of what a boarding student can witness, share and create in our school. Wellbeing pillars, projects, charity, clubs, activities and much more.

You are also welcome to take a look and visit the blogs of other Collège du Léman Boarding houses: Girls, Boys and Primary, everyone has a neat place to live in our boarding community 😀

Collège du Léman Blogs – Educational blogs from Collège du Léman (cdl.ch)


Asian food evening

Tonight we had dinner in the house.

On the menu was Thai salad, Sweet and sour beef and wok tofu. As you can see we had mixed reviews regarding each dish 😅

Even in high school, it’s challenging to make them eat vegetables😉

General Boarding Assembly

As it was the 1st Wednesday of February, CDL Boarding held the general assembly, entirely made by students for students.

Misha and Jamil participated as well helping Miss Terri with the Pillar 3 of our Wellbeing Programme, Building Positive Friendships.

This information below were the outcomes:


How does the boarding house support and encourage international friendships, give examples: 

Boarding House brings the opportunity to establish international friendships, making students aware of what surrounds you, offering activities, meetings and dinners. The students are placed with roommates from different cultures. The houses are an open space where culture is shared in the common spaces, it is the best space to make and find friends. 

What advice would you give future students coming into an international school environment? 

Be social, get involved in sports, make lifetime memories, be tolerant to others‘ thoughts, get ready to learn more languages and be prepared to earn independence. 

Can you think of some examples of famous international friendships? 

Messi and Neymar, Alphonso Davies and Musiala, Ronaldo and Benzema. 


Reflective Question: Do you embrace the international community, or do you prefer the convenience of building friendships within your own culture and language? 

Comments: They prefer to meet people with their own culture and understand as they feel it is much easier to have empathy and a good bond. Although they are aware of the environment where they live, they also enjoy spreading their friendships throughout other countries. 

Building Positive Friendships

As a part of our wellbeing programme, we have worked throughout this first month of the year on the pillar “Building Positive Friendships”.

Our house is a good example of International friendships, they all respect each other and make an effort to understand the others’ cultures. This is the best place to exchange culture and learn from other countries.

They did so well and had thoughtful outcomes that they will be sharing them in our monthly boarding assembly.


Second Mountain weekend

The boys spent another amazing weekend in the Swiss Alps.  Micha, Jamil & Lyam went skiing on both days, while Armin was Snowboarding.

Diego played Bowling on Saturday morning, enjoyed some sports games in the afternoon and did climbing on Sunday.

Taha left for a passionate excursion for the whole day on Saturday and did some sports games on Sunday.

All 6 of them came back very tired but also very happy .

Our first Ski Weekend!!

Our first weekend at Fiesch was lovely and we had loads of bliss and fun.

We were extremely blessed with very good weather and the slopes were clear.

Lyam and Misha skied with the advanced and had a good time on the slopes.

Armin went Snowboarding and he kept learning about it.

Taha had a great time playing bowling.

Diego visited Brig and the thermal baths.

A top-notch weekend. Looking forward to the next one.