Happy February Break.


As February unfolds and the break approaches, we want to take a moment to extend our warmest wishes to all our readers.

We want you to know that we will be eagerly awaiting the return of our students after the break. The energy and enthusiasm they bring to our community contribute immensely to the vibrant spirit of our house, and we can’t wait to resume our shared journey of learning and growth.

🎾🧗🏻‍♂️Sports & Cooking👨🏼‍🍳

This weekend a few of our students went to see their families and the ones staying took part on different activities.

Jeff played tennis with some of his colleagues of boarding.

Navid took part on his first climbing competition.

He got second position and this tournament gave him more motivation to advance on this discipline.

Martin learn a new recipe this weekend. Must have been delicious because he ate it before arriving home!

🏔️❄️Mountain Weekend⛷️🏂

This is how the mountain resort welcomed us at the beginning of the weekend.

Our students were very happy to try the slopes for first time this year.

Weather and snow conditions were optimal.

Navid & Al shared group and learnt along new skills on the mountain,

Victor chose snowboarding as his way to cruise the mountain.

During the break, our students enjoyed the awesome view.

Instructors of the Swiss Ski School tutored our students during the weekend.

And at the end of the day our students came back happy but with a smile on their faces.


🎊Winter Ball 2023🪩

First Semester is coming to an end and the Boarding Community celebrated this weekend with and amazing cocktail, dinner and party.

The house members dressed up for the special occasion.

Aloisio and his friends happily celebrating the end of the semester prior de winter break.

Jeff and his mates doing the same a few minutes ahead the fancy dinner.

Meylis was also enjoying the beautiful venue.

And we couldn’t be prouder of Martin and the words he dedicated to his teachers, mentors and friends. We are also very happy that you chose to spend your last two years of high school with us. All the best for you!


🍰Bake Off🎄

This weekend our students faced a new challenge.

We had a Bake Off Contest among the Boarding Houses and our students teamed up to bake a Vanilla Cake. Navi and Meylis were responsible for the cake.

Jeff was in charge of the decoration and frosting.

Competition was fierce as the other houses did a very good job.

But we are very proud of our first baked creation. ever.


🎢⚽Trips, Fitness & Community Service🏋️🧹

This weekend our students enjoyed different trips and activities but they were also helpful and support the community.

Victor visited a theme park in Germany and enjoyed the adrenaline on the games with his friends.

In the meantime, Martin had one of the last football games of the championship before the winter break.

Navid remained loyal to his training and practiced on the climbing wall.

Jeff dedicated a session of fitness on the gym considering the tough weather.

Our prefect Martin took initiative to help the staff cleaning and tidying up the dinning hall after dinner.

Jeff also did his part in the kitchen.

🛬Welcome back from your break!📚

Our students are back and they are ready to face the rest of the first semester at school.

Some of our our students joined the trip to Vietnam and Cambodia during the autumn break.

Victor enjoy the trip and he had the opportunity to learn new culinary skills.

They also helped the local communities helping the on the schools and orphanages.

🍁Happy October Break!🍂

It’s time for our students to take a break from their academic obligations, spend quality time with the families and recharge batteries.

Before going on holidays, we decided to have a pizza night.

Plenty of options for every taste.

And with this beautiful view of the lake, we wish you a wonderful break. See you soon!

🌊Adrenaline, tactics and good food. 🥙

Adrenaline took part on the busy schedule of our students. Martin and his colleagues went rafting and had an amazing experience.

Navid is progressing a lot on his climbing skills and he enjoys sharing this moments with his boarding colleagues.

In the meantime his room mate Meylis was quietly studying every movement of his adversary during the chess club.

Jeff took cooking lessons and prepared a delicious meal.

The Franconi’s boys have also culinary qualities. Navid prepared Tahchin, a dish from his homeland, which we had the pleasure to taste. Thanks Navid.

Al went on another sailing expedition. The wind was quite strong but the boys overcame the challenge.

At the end of the weekend the boys and our guests enjoyed a quiet afternoon playing board games.

I also had the chance to guide boarding students through the woods of Versoix.