Relax & Ride.

It was a quiet weekend at Franconis Boarding House. Some of our students went to visit their families and the others stayed with us to relax.

Nadim & Karim enjoyed their Sunday afternoon at the Spa with their friends of Boarding.

Omar went with his family to ride and improve his snowboarding skills.

Celebrating Friendship.

Today we celebrated Friendship with the visit of Karim’s parents.

The evening before Valentine’s we enjoyed the visit of the family of Karim.

His mum shared with us the recipe of Karim’s favorite meal. Nadim took good note of the process.

A mix of Lebanese and Thai food was up on the table. It was delicious.

All the best for you Karim during the break period. We will be waiting for you!

Winter weekends.

A week before the break of February, our students enjoy their routines and help in and around campus.

Jules joined the Community Service squad and helped to clean around campus.

Jonathan hosted a “Feijoada” in the house with his friends from school. The traditional Brazilian dish was a delicatessen that I was lucky to try,

Nihad helped his friend Jamil from Concha Annexe with homework and projects of school.

Blue Skies For Our Skiers And Snowboarders.

The boys enjoyed another consecutive weekend on the slopes of Fiesch.

Karim, Jules and Omar shared their snaps from the mountain.

Omar was very happy with his progression on his second weekend ever on the board.


In the meantime Nadim and Jonathan stayed in campus preparing important academic tasks and trying new recipes at home.


We also invite you to have a look at the 2nd Edition of “Inside Boarding” the Newsletter made by our students. Don’t miss out. Here’s the link.

Boarders Vs Day Students

Our boys took part in a basketball match between the boarders and day students of CDL.

It was a tight game, especially towards the end of the match

With a final score of 34 against 33, our boarder boys won the challenge.

Karim sweated until the last minute, helping his team to victory.

Running, Tennis & Golf.

This weekend we started with Jules joining the running club.

The rain did not stop our runners.

Brunch was the perfect fuel for our students.

Lots of calories and vitamins.

For a day full of activities such as tennis.

…and golf.