Musically Inclined!

This afternoon, Jules spent an hour learning how to play the guitar with our resident music aficianado Mr. Roger from Léman.

"Hey! Play Wonderwall!"

Jules working on his chords in the Léman Music Studio.

Driving Down

This afternoon, Omar and Jonathan headed for the green just around the corner from CDL and spent a few hours working on their drive.

Jonathan and his special golf shoes.

Omar with his eye on the ball.

Developing New Skills

As it was quite a rainy morning, Jonathan attending the Photography activity by Ms. Dia instead of Tennis. They got some really lovely Micro shots!

Jonathan and Junqi examining their work.

The final product.

Jonathan invading a spider’s personal space.

Looks like no ones home…

Sunday Evening Walkabout

The boys enjoyed a short walk in the crisp evening air on our way back from dinner.

Lebanese Banter.

The only time we are all as tall as Karim.

“Nadim, are you kidding?! Swiss Air?? That’s definitely Air Portugal!”


Game 1 Of The Boarding Basketball Tournament

Tonight, the Franconis Warriors went up against the Concha (& Concha Annexe) Rockets, in the first game of this seasons Basketball Tournament.

After a fun and tiring game, we won 44 to 23! Good job Warriors!

Karim warming up with some dunks. Someone raise that hoop higher!

The Jump Ball. Karim vs Mr Rodrigo.

The two sweaty teams together at the end of the game.


Good job Rockets! You played really well!

Verbier: There and Back Again.

This weekend we took our students to the Mountains of Verbier.

Nico took part in the overnight expedition to Cabanne Mt. Fort

Jonathan hiked around the village and learnt a lot about botanic.

Jules also hiked with another group

Omar preferred the speed and adrenaline of the mountain scooters.

The boys had a blast on the roads down from Ruinettes.

Nihad faced some steep terrain on his way back from the expedition.

Back in the main campus, Karim and Nadim were playing team sports

The evenings were full joy, music and laughs.

A Stroll Around Lausanne

Today our students had the day off from school thanks to it being Jeune Genevois, a public holiday here in the canton de Genève that celebrates the youth of Geneva. We took a trip over to Lausanne so that they could explore the city and make sure they have everything they need before leaving for the mountains this weekend.

Bus 2 outside the Palais Rumine.



Wellbeing Pillar 1 – Nurturing Healthy Bodies and Minds

It is that time of year again when we launch the first pillar of our wellbeing programme in the Boarding Houses – ‘Nurturing Healthy Bodies and Minds’. 

Throughout this pillar we will be ensuring our students understand the importance of taking care of our bodies and our minds in our day to day lives. Furthermore, we will be highlighting sport participation, sleeping patterns, nutrition and relaxation methods, as sub topics. With the students, we will discuss and discover how all these could play a key role in maintaining a healthy balance.

This week we will be asking the students how different sports or creative activities can help them with both their physical and mental health.

We sat down together as a house and watched the following video:

Afterwards, Karim and Jules, our student advocates for this pillar, discussed the following questions with the rest of the house, as well as gave their own answers and thoughts:

  1. What sports/activities they participate in?
  2. Why they do it?
  3. How they feel afterwards?
  4. What benefits they find (physical and psychological)?
  5. What you would say to someone who doesn’t participate in much sport or does not focus on any particular hobbies?

Franconis is quite an active house, with many of the boys frequenting the gym several times per week. It was interesting to see how the ways they get their exercise differs based on their own individual interests and physical capability.

Some of the boys discussed how exercise helped them blow off steam, grows their confidence and just generally makes them feel better if they have had a tough day.

They are looking forward to challenging themselves as a group!