Building Positive Friendships

In our House Meeting this Wednesday, we discussed our Third Wellbeing Pillar: Building Positive Friendships.

Being an international community, we also discussed the importance of developing friendships with people from other natioanlities and cultures.

We started off the session by answering the following questions:

  • How does the boarding house support and encourage international friendships?
  • What advice would you give future students coming into an international school environment?
  • Can you think of some examples of famous international friendships?
  • Self-Reflection – Do you embrace the international community, or do you prefer the convenience of building friendships within your own culture and language?

Additionally, each of us wrote down three adjectives that we felt describe a good friend.

The Boys, here to eat cookies and answer questions.

“I think he means SOCIALISING”

The adjectives our house felt were the most important characteristics of a good friend.


Gone Fiesch-ing!

This weekend we took a trip up to Fiesch to enjoy our first Mountain Weekend of the year!

It also happened to be one of the coldest weekends, with tempertures reaching between -10°C to -15°C, though the wind chill made it feel colder.

This also meant plenty of fresh snow though!

The Boys, excited early on Saturday morning. They were up and ready before I even knocked on their door!

Karim’s reaction once the cold really set in!

A little morning tranquility at the Aletsch Arena slopes.

That tranquility quickly turned to high octane skiing once the wind kicked up a bit.

Some multicultural tea to chase the cold out of our bodies. The sign really helped us avoid any confusion.

Going down into Fiesch for a walk and grocery run.

Super interesting and old buildings found throughout Fiesch. Apparently they are built this way to prevent animals from getting at the stored food inside.

A water mill that had frozen over.

Teach a man to Fiesch…

First Boarding Assembly Of 2023!

Tonight we had our first Boarding Assembly of the new year!

The Boarders were welcomed back by Amir from Léman playing the Turkish March by W. A Mozart.

Late, but looking good.

Antonio with Nicholas and Melissa reciting the lovely poems they had written about diversity.

Last, but not least, our very own Nihad went up on stage and did a cultural presentation about Azerbaijan. He did a great job and we are super proud of him!


Happy Holidays!

With the Winter Season upon us, The mountains as white as sheep, We wish you all a lovely holiday, And please, get plenty of sleep!

Looking forward to seeing you in 2023!

Tarun & Xavier


La Fête de l’Escalade

La Fête de l’Escalade or simply l’Escalade is a festival that celebrates the day in 1602 that the Genèvois defended their city against the Savoyards.

In the dead of night on the 11th of December 1602, a group of Savoyard commandos attempted to scale the town walls in order to open the main portcullis and allow their larger force of 1,000 soldiers in and conquer Geneva. However – according to legend – a woman now fondly called Mère Royaume was awake and noticed them.

She tossed the marmite (or cauldron) of soup she had been making on top of the Savoyards, which was instumental in the waking the town up and bringing them to the defense of their city.


In her honor, on this day every year, the youngest and eldest in the house come together and smash a chocolate marmite filled with marzipan vegetables and candy wrapped in the colors of the flag of Geneva.

The Boys with our Marmite.

…they really followed through…

First Come First Serve.