🌊Adrenaline, tactics and good food. 🥙

Adrenaline took part on the busy schedule of our students. Martin and his colleagues went rafting and had an amazing experience.

Navid is progressing a lot on his climbing skills and he enjoys sharing this moments with his boarding colleagues.

In the meantime his room mate Meylis was quietly studying every movement of his adversary during the chess club.

Jeff took cooking lessons and prepared a delicious meal.

The Franconi’s boys have also culinary qualities. Navid prepared Tahchin, a dish from his homeland, which we had the pleasure to taste. Thanks Navid.

Al went on another sailing expedition. The wind was quite strong but the boys overcame the challenge.

At the end of the weekend the boys and our guests enjoyed a quiet afternoon playing board games.

I also had the chance to guide boarding students through the woods of Versoix.

Franconis’ Weekend: Zooming, Sailing, and Smiles! 🏎️⛵😄

Hello, dear readers, and welcome back to the action-packed world of Franconis at Collège du Léman! 🏡✨

This weekend, our Franconis boys took a thrilling detour from their school routines, diving headfirst into a whirlwind of excitement and relaxation. 🌄🤸‍♂️

From horseback rides to intense padel matches and breezy sails on Lake Geneva, our lads enjoyed a varied menu of fun activities. But the Sunday highlight? Karting, of course! 🏁🚗

A bunch of our daredevils swapped textbooks for racing helmets, tearing up the karting track and showcasing their driving skills in style. 🏎️💨

Now, without further ado, feast your eyes on some thrilling snapshots from this weekend’s escapades. The Franconis spirit is alive and well! 📸🤩

Stay tuned for more incredible Franconis adventures as our boys continue to live life to the max! 🌟😄

🛌Pillar 1 in progress😪

Yesterday, our Franconis boys embarked on their journey to explore the first pillar of wellbeing within our boarding community. We take immense pride in the fact that one of our students, Aloísio, passionately advocated for this pillar, aptly named “Nurturing Healthy Bodies and Minds.” This pillar will be dedicated to examining the crucial aspect of our students’ sleeping routines, delving into questions such as the duration of their sleep and the strategies they employ to enhance their sleep quality.

In light of this, our students have willingly accepted the challenge. Initially, they will select a tool to aid in improving their sleeping routines. Each night, they will diligently use this chosen tool, and each morning, they will complete a brief survey to rate the quality of their sleep. Through this process, we aim to assess the effectiveness of the selected tools and determine whether adjustments are needed.

We are confident that this initiative will contribute significantly to our boys’ overall wellbeing and inspire them to make positive strides in enhancing their sleeping routines.


🍙🍥🍚International Japanese Dinner 🗾🏔️🎌

Hey there, Collège du Léman folks! 🌟

Tonight was a culinary journey that transported us straight to the Land of the Rising Sun! 🗻 Our International Japanese Dinner was an absolute delight, and we couldn’t be happier to share the experience with all of you.

Picture this: The elegant setting of our dining hall bathed in soft, ambient lighting, while a serene Japanese garden backdrop added a touch of authenticity to the atmosphere. It was a captivating glimpse into the heart of Japan, right here in Versoix, Switzerland!

As we walked in, the aroma of soy sauce, sesame, and perfectly seasoned rice greeted us, setting the stage for what was to be an unforgettable evening of sushi, sashimi, and everything in between. 🍱🍣

The highlight of the evening was, undoubtedly, the sushi bar. Expert sushi chefs dazzled us with their skill, creating bite-sized pieces of art that tasted as good as they looked. Whether you were a fan of classic California rolls, daring dragon rolls, or the freshest sashimi imaginable, there was something for everyone to savour.

The tempura station was equally impressive, with golden-brown tempura, crispy and light, showcasing an array of vegetables and prawns. It was almost impossible to resist going back for seconds! 🍤

For those seeking a taste of traditional Japanese cuisine, the ramen station was a big hit. With steaming bowls of rich broth and perfectly cooked noodles, it was a warm embrace on a chilly Swiss evening. 🍜

But it wasn’t just about the savoury dishes. The dessert section had its own delightful surprises with mochi ice cream, matcha-flavoured treats, and the most delicate green tea cakes you’ve ever laid eyes on. 🍵🍰

As we sipped on delicate cups of green tea and chatted with friends, we couldn’t help but appreciate the diversity and unity that our Collège du Léman family represents. An international Japanese dinner is a perfect symbol of our global community, where different cultures come together to create something truly special.

So, here’s to the chefs, the staff, and everyone who made this International Japanese Dinner possible. It was a culinary adventure we won’t soon forget! 🎌🥢

As we wrap up this amazing evening, we can’t help but look forward to the next international culinary experience that Collège du Léman has in store for us. Until then, konnichiwa and sayonara! 🇯🇵👋

Cheers to cultural exploration through food, and to the bonds that bring us all together at our beloved Collège du Léman! 🌏❤️

♟️Chess tournament♟️

Today marked the first matchday of the annual Olympus chess tournament, and our representative in this championship, Meylis, delivered an outstanding performance. Employing a complex and clever strategy, he managed to secure victory over his opponent. We are confident that he stands a strong chance of emerging as the tournament’s victor.

Congratulations, Meylis!

🏔️🧗🏻‍♀️Mountain Weekend🚵🏻‍♀️🌲

This weekend we left to the mountains to enjoy the freshness of the altitude of Verbier. Our students had the chance to practice a variety of activities from Climbing to Mountain biking, hikes and many other activities.

Professional guides took us on a tour to the forest of the canton of Valais and showed us beautiful trails and explained us many interesting things of the area.


There are many more experiences to come and we are looking forward to sharing them with you.

🧗⚽Busy weekend♟️🍳

This past weekend in Franconis was packed with activities and events. We seized the opportunity to enjoy the good weather, as the end of summer is approaching. Our boys were quite active, participating in a diverse range of activities, from climbing and baking to horse riding and our famous chess club.

All our young men had the chance to pursue their interests and, simultaneously, explore new activities, potentially discovering new hobbies here at Collège du Léman. Below, we have shared some of the highlights from this weekend through a selection of photos:


On Sunday afternoon, we held our annual Sports House Competition, and we’re thrilled to report that our Franconis boys delivered an incredible performance, winning five out of the six sports and games they participated in. This outstanding achievement was made possible through their teamwork and tremendous effort. Their families, friends, and House Parents can take pride in their dedication, which clearly demonstrates their camaraderie and commitment to the House and Boarding community. Here are some photos we captured during this afternoon’s event:

📝🐴 Back in Business ♟️🍕

Our students are settling pretty well in their routines and they have also had the chance to enjoy different activities.

Al joined the Horse Riding group and enjoyed the time with the animals.

Jeff and his peers challenging each other in different board games at the house.

The rainy days gather up many colleagues of our students in our house. We played games, watched movies and had pizzas.

In the mean time, Meylis was going through more strategic challenges at the chess club.

We also had students preforming their SAT exams. Well done boys.

🌞 First days 🏙

In these initial days, our fresh arrivals at Franconis Boarding House, alongside a few returning CDL students, have been delighting in their newfound family.

They’ve been acquainting themselves with one another, forging connections that will undoubtedly blossom over time. Beyond our walls, they’ve also been immersing themselves in the beauty of Geneva.

Engaging in a diverse array of activities, including treasure hunts, escape rooms, and insightful inductions, they’ve been embracing every moment of their introduction to life at Franconis.

Here, we share some of the moments we’ve captured – moments of pure enjoyment, uniquely their own:


It fills us with joy to extend a warm welcome to these new members of our tight-knit Franconis family. With pride, we usher them into our esteemed community at Collège du Léman.