France’s Opening Match

This evening we watched a tense opening match between France and Australia.

Both Nadim and Jules, being from France, were relieved at the 4 – 1 final result – especially after Australias goal in the first 15 min!

Nadim & Jules getting worked up for their predicted 6 – 1 final result

Brewing Up A Storm!

We are fans of cold brew in the house and enjoy making it from scratch. We tried out some new beans and water to bean ratio, and it turned out great!

Nadim taking in the lovely aroma of freshly ground beans.

Some Ethiopean beans with a touch of cardamom.

A Touch Of Color

Coloring is an incredibly simple way to relax and step away from stress for a moment.

Even Superman needs to de-stress sometimes

Multitasking at its finest

A guest contribution.

Introducing Nadim!

Next up, we have Nadim our House Captain! Nadim enjoys French and English drill, Italian and Mexican cuisine and doing the silliest accents one could possibly think of.

Day 1 in Villa Franconis

Heading out to get them gains

That look of confidence before losing to me in a game of recycle-ball (copyright pending)

One-handed 360 no-scope cracking of an egg

Laser Sharp

Today our students (and some staff!) had the chance to enjoy some indoor laser tag.

They had an absolute blast!

The last group which consisted of boys from all of the houses!

Round 2 – The Black Out!

Saturday Morning Fry Up

This morning we had a few guests come round and the kitchen was busy as the boys were cooking away.

Karim has been itching to make his special Lebanese eggs and they were delicious!

(From left to right) Karim, Cool Karim, and Nadim, prepping our meal.

Jules, Jamil and Nikolai enjoying some chess in the sun room

Nadim and Karim battling over stove space

The Feast

Karim’s delicious Lebanese eggs on the right.