Welcome to Leman 1 Bernardo!!

Bernardo is comming from Brazil, he speaks very good English and quite good French… he really loves football and he will be one of the best students here,  with the help of all of us. We are very happy to have him in our home Leman 1.



Hello my name is Vlad Im from South Ossetia.Ossetia is country which is situated in Caucasus montains .There is two parts of it North and South.North is in Russian Federation,South is an independent country(limited).From Sunday had started our national holyday called Georgybae.This holyday is named like this because of one of patrons. This is a holyday which is dedicated fo all mens.We celebrate this holyday on third sunday of november untill forth sunday.during these days we have great meals we pray to God.So I wanted to congretulate all mens with this holyday and I wish everything best to them and have a nice week.

Halloween pumpkin carving


After this first months we deserve a little break. We will use this days to think about what we are doing good and bad, what we need to improve and of course to rest.