CDB by Samandar

Hello everyone!


Now we are going to share Samandar’s post! He is a good student who he also start taking Piano Lessons to increase it’s music skills. He will talk about his experience winning the best room competition into a really equal competition between rooms… Igor and Alex were so close to win again, also Massamba and Wail did a great effort, but finally they got this trophy before October break, CONGRATULATIONS!!


Now, Samandar give us it’s point of view…

“It was Sunday,we start to clean our room and we was so fast because we was working together and it was like 20 minutes and the we need to be in our beds so out house parent told us which room he will go in they will win so he go in and put the cup in our room so we was so happy.”

Samandar Seyidbeyli


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