CDB News! By Mike

Hello all,


Today Mike will share with us a bit of his experience here in College du Leman. He will talk about his Physical Education experience, as we can know, Mike is improving and doing a great effort in all subjects, but in PE he is getting even better! Here we go…


Last three weeks. I wasn’t wearing oppriate college du leman sport uniform. My coach Mr Jamie Duncan Robertson sent an email to my house parents Mr Maluen Prunier, My house parent were upset. So the next tuesday morning I went to the sport shop to buy a new hoddy for my physical education lesson. I had my best physical education lesson ever, also great day of school and my coach Mr Jamie Duncan Robertson┬ásent an email to my other house parent Mr Jorge Herrero saying that I did great on my physical education lesson.”


Thank you everyone, we will keep you updated about what CDB guys are doing!

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