Sunny Weekend At CDB

Here we have a few photos of the various fun activities the children have been doing this weekend.

We have had Amir joining again another wonderful Creative Writing Club with Mr. Jakob, a few ideas about a story involving a fisherman and his best friend…we can’t wait to read the whole thing soon.

A couple of our young boarders went with the Biking Club this weekend. They went through the forests that surround our lovely village and did well to keep up with the older boarding students. Well done!

Also, this is one is not to be forgotten, an amazing day with the best weather, the children were lucky enough to visit the pretty lakeside town of Montreux. There they went to do some sightseeing and had a tour around the famous Château de Chillon to learn about it’s history and secrets.

A wonderfull sunny day at the Lake

The weekend started on Thursday this week. Today it was Jeudi de l’ascension and the kids didn’t have school.  We took the chance to have a wonderfully warm and sunny day to go down to the lake in Versoix. The kids had some snacks and played Möllky.


Double Birthday and Double FUN !!!

This Saturday we celebrated not one but two Birthdays in Champs des Bois !!! Eason had his Birthday on the 5th of May and Firdavs on the 14th.

But due to different schedules and trips, we decided to have a big and fun party altogether. First, we invited some friends and took the school bus to go to Jump Spot in Lausanne. After one 1 hour of intense fun jumping, we came back home and celebrated our 2 boys with treats and delicious cakes.


After dinner fun

On this lovely warm evening we made the most of the big Concha garden that we have at our disposal. The children had enjoyed swinging and hanging from the climbing frames all together.

Europa Park Trip!

This weekend some of our boys participated in the Europa Park trip to Germany. They had lots of fun and were very proud of themselves for going on the scary high-speed rides! Firdavs was lucky enough to celebrate his birthday there on Saturday as well. The children spoiled him with lots of sweet treats!


Cope-cake workshop with Mrs. Marina

On this sunny afternoon, Mrs Marina came to Champs des Bois and organised a very ludic and entertaining workshop.

The main topic was emotions and how to manage them. We used cupcake drawings as support to express our fillings.
For example, some of our students manage anger by eating or meditating.

We finished the workshop with waffles that we decorated with food paint.

Before the WorkShop                            After the Workshop