Thank You Mr Gordon

The second part of St Patrick’s Mishap,

This has been by far the best St Partick’s quest the students have encountered, it kept us all very much entertained these past 3 days.

  1. The students had to find 7 puzzles hidden in the dining hall
  2. Put them together and solve the challenge
  3. They had to take 7 selfies with items described in the challenge and then forward these pictures to the highest building on campus.
  4.   This led to today’s  challenge as the students earned the trust of Seamus they had to help find over 200 coins scattered in the garden
  5. If the students found at least half they will receive a huge reward
  6. The reward was BIG 🙂

A massive Thank you Mr Gordon from Champs Des Bois Students, we truly enjoyed this mystery mission and solving the clues was fun! The reward was super generous and we shall enjoy every bit of it immensely.