Concha house activity

Today the Concha boys, Mr Sergio and Mr Erik went to play some Lasertag and we had a lot of fun. We could see very exciting, intense and competitive boys having a blast for over one hour. Good job guys!!


Today in our second session of the four pillar  “Making safe and responsible choices” we focused on recognising emotions and how to have an emotional health. The boys were able to describe the 8 basic emotions and to give real examples of when they have felt like that. We also watched a video where explained deeply these types of emotions and how to deal with it. It was also an opportunity for them to express their feelings and to count on us whenever they need it.

Conchattack 31-39 Léman

Great and last performance in the tournament of our boys who never gave up and got a great score against the seniors. Highlight the amazing game of our primary boys. What a great tournament!!! Thank you Miguel Ribeiro for organizing this.