D’June Know What Time It Is?

The weather wasn’t the best but the concha crew took no notice.  Tennis, Golf, and Aqua Park were just a few of the many activities on offer this weekend.

Firdavs became one with the ball 🎾

Filippo was putting in the hours on the range despite hazardous weather conditions

A troup of thrill seekers  went on a field trip Aqua Park

Alan was dialling in nicely on his swing 

Ready, Set, Concha! Sprint into Sunday with Our 5K House Run

Our daily boarding-wide fitness challenge for May culminated in the Concha 5K.

All ages came together under the sun to do their best!


Andrew and Donny raced around Concha garden 10 times!


Shiryu and I paced ourselves well pushing each other to the finish line.


It was a photo finish at the 5km mark, nothing could separate these two!


Filippo made sure not to lose track counting each gruelling lap methodically. 

Sun’s Out Means The Funs Out!

Hey all! It has been a fun and exciting weekend here at CDL. The boys here at Concha made the most of it all while the sun was shining and took part in all the activities they could that were on offer. Never let it be said that these young gentlemen don’t do anything – given the opportunity, it can be a challenge to get them to sit still for five minutes.


As we head toward the end of the year, there are no signs of the action stopping any time soon – please see the photos below for a glimpse into what they all got up to!


Firdavs’ 14th a Day to Remember

We were so delighted to celebrate our very own Firdavs.

We also enjoyed homemade pizza and a pie courtesy of Manu.


Spring Day Shenanigans

Sundays at our boarding house are bustling with life. Our boys embrace the spring season by venturing out to enjoy the Concha Blanca garden and the nearby Swiss spring.

Table tennis and regular tennis are popular choices, along with some boxing bag action.

Some even take to the roads for a refreshing bike ride through the countryside.


One of our concha climbers…


Saturday Swagger: Wakeboarding, Running, and Boxing – A Day in the Life of Our Active Boys!

Ah, Saturdays – a time for adventure, sweat, and the pursuit of fun! Here in our bustling household, the day kicks off with a vibrant energy as our boys gear up for a day packed with activities.

First up, we have the wakeboarding enthusiasts. With the sun barely peeking over the horizon, they’re already at the lake, eager to conquer the waves and showcase their skills. The thrill of gliding across the water, the wind whipping through their hair, is an experience like no other.

  Meanwhile, one of our boys takes to the streets, lacing up their running shoes for a brisk 6-kilometer jog.

And let’s not forget about the two contenders who hit the local gym for a morning of intense boxing sessions.

So here’s to Saturdays filled with adventure, sweat, and the thrill of pushing limits.