Weekend 20th – 22nd Summary 2/2

And another week coming that has come to an end… There are only 4 left for the desired Christmas Holidays. Winter is approaching and is beginning to be noticed with the drop in temperatures. We hope that soon we will be able to enjoy some snow !

This Sunday has been a very busy one! Cycling, skateboarding, cooking, our traditional 40/40 in the garden… and much more. Thank you very much to the kids for their participation and effort in the cooking competition, they have done a great job.

At the College du Leman we value the wellbeing of our children very much. That is why we continue to put into practice on a daily basis what has been established in our Wellbeing Programme for them. Staying active, eating well, interacting with the community by cooking, playing or simply talking among many other things… is something we see daily and we encourage our children to continue doing it.

Concha team wishes you a great start to your week.


Skatepark – Mies

We are delighted to be able to live in this area. Versoix and its surroundings offer us a multitude of leisure possibilities. The lake, the mountains, kilometres of paths for walking, running or cycling… another possibility is to go skateboarding with our little ones from Concha ! Lots of fun.

Weekend 20th – 22nd Summary 1/2

A small summary of our first part of the weekend in CdL .

Our clubs don’t stop and the participation of our boys from Concha and the other interns is increasing. Badminton on Friday, training camp on Saturday are some of the things our boys have been able to enjoy.

The cooking activity, one of the most popular by the CdL community, has returned to the scene and both Liam and Owen participated yesterday where they prepared delicious chocolates.

Our dear Yuto had a great time in horse riding, he loves animals and spending time with them.

This Sunday we have prepared the classic bike route and… in the afternoon the main course: <<House competition: Bake-off! >> Where our boys have started to prepare a delicious cake that… we hope the judges will love it! We will share the process and the final result in our next post πŸ˜‰

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Weekend Activities 6th – 8th November.

Our programme of activities does not stop at CDL. It is true that due to new restrictions by the Swiss authorities we have to spend more time on campus but that is no reason for our boarders not to have a great time.

This weekend we had different clubs like Tennis table and Badminton, Bootcamp, Beauty and Fashion. We have also had the popular activities of tennis, woodcraft, cycling etc…

We love to see the children participating and interacting together in all these activities showing a clear example of community spirit.