End of Year Party

This past Sunday, all of the boarders spent the afternoon in the garden doing a variety of activities and eating delicious food and snacks. This was a great way to not only enjoy the sunshine and the end of the weekend, but to celebrate this amazing year and all of the accomplishments.







Chamonix Mer De Glace

This past weekend, the middle school students were lucky enough to visit the Mer de Glace (Sea of Ice) in Chamonix. There was little snow due to the weather being warm, however we were able to admire the views and walk down to the Ice Caves below, where we were greeted to a turquoise blue cave we could wander our way through. On our way down, there were plaques indicating where the glacier was during the year on the plaque. This served as a reminder as to how the glacier has depleted over time.




A Fun Weekend of Activities

This weekend, our students had the opportunity to do some of their favourite weekend activities, namely baking and tennis. This was a fantastic opportunity to make some delicious food and get some exercise at the same time!


Maison Cailler Visit


This weekend, the CDL Middle school students took a trip to Maison Cailler. Here, they learned about how the chocolate was produced and the history of the Cailler brand. Of course, they were able to sample some delicious chocolate! Unfortunately due to bad weather, they were not able to visit the town of Gruyères as planned, but it was a great trip nonetheless!



Food Highlights from the Week

Happy weekend! This week featured lots of delicious home cooked meals. Throughout the week, Mohammad cooked a lovely chicken dish, while Firdavs made a fresh pizza with Mr. Manuel from next door. To usher in the weekend, we were treated to a house dinner where we were able to eat in the comfort of our home.


Stay tuned for the rest of the weekend updates!

Barcelona Trip

This past weekend, our boys went to Barcelona. Here, they visited the beautiful Park Güell, the famous Sagrada Familia, and other various sights around Barcelona. However, their main highlight was certainly visiting Camp Nou, where FC Barcelona plays!